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EFFECTIVE DATE: 11/15/2006

Guidelines for Participating in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs

The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) encourages the commercialization of applied research by faculty and staff and supports collaboration between its entrepreneurial researchers and outside companies. Consistent with its mission, UNMC will assist researchers in commercialization activities that comply with University of Nebraska (UN) Board of Regents Policies and legal and regulatory requirements.

Individuals applying for or managing SBIR/STTR grants shall contact the following offices for assistance in completing the documents listed below to ensure proper SBIR/STTR business organization:

Office Written Documentation
UNeMed: 559-2486 1. Ownership of Intellectual Property (Board of Regents Policy 4.4.2), 2. Preliminary business plan models and advice, 3. License Template
Sponsored Programs Administration: 559-7456 1. SBIR/STTR subcontract template, 2. Memorandum of Understanding regarding expected time and effort commitments
Academic Affairs Compliance & COI Officers: 559-6767/6094 1. Outside Employment Form (UNMC Policy 1049), 2. Conflict of Interest management (as needed)
Assistant Vice Chancellor Business & Finance: 559-5888 Contract for Use of Space and Equipment

For additional information, please contact the COI Officer.

Application for Authorization to Engage Outside Professional Activity

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