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Associate Dean for Academic Programs Position Description Subsection: 3.2.2
Section 3.0 - Position Descriptions Originating Date: October 2006
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council

General Position Description

The Associate Dean for Academic Programs is the Senior Academic Officer for the College of Nursing and has responsibility for visionary leadership of the College’s academic programs whether delivered on site or by distance technologies. This individual facilitates the planning, administration, evaluation, and continuous improvement of the academic programs of the College. S/he seeks, develops, implements, and evaluates internal and external partnerships, including funding sponsors, directed toward the College’s achievement of its academic strategic plan. The individual is accountable for planning innovative, future-oriented educational programs; oversight in meeting academic accreditation standards; effective grantsmanship for educational scholarship and training support; and effective collaboration with faculty and staff in the teaching mission.

Organizational Relationships

The Associate Dean for Academic Programs collaborates with the Dean, the College’s other leaders, faculty, and inter-professional colleagues in accomplishing the College’s educational mission and moving the College toward its strategic and long range goals. S/he reports to the Dean and serves at the Dean’s request. S/he is the College’s liaison with the UNMC Dean of Graduate Studies, and serves on University academic affairs committees and in inter-professional academic initiatives.

The Associate Dean for Academic Programs collaborates with other members of the Executive Council, the Marketing Specialist/Recruitment Coordinator, and the Director of Diversity, and s/he works closely with the Undergraduate and Graduate faculty committees. S/he appoints, supervises, and facilitates the work of the Academic Program Directors. The Academic Program Directors, the Director of Continuing Nursing Education, and the Director of Student Services report to and are accountable for successful outcomes of their positions to the Associate Dean for Academic Programs.

Responsibilities of the Position

  • Provides vision and leadership for academic excellence.
  • Develops and applies measures of educational quality and quality improvement.
  • Sets standards for innovative, effective, and efficient curricula and academic programming suited to tomorrow’s learner.
  • Recommends budgets and other resources for meeting the teaching mission of the College.
  • Assures academic program compliance with professional accreditation and regulatory bodies.
  • Leads and manages systems and policies that support academic program planning, implementation, evaluation, and continuous improvement.
  • Seeks and facilitates training grants.
  • Provides oversight of programs related to the teaching mission, such as faculty orientation, faculty development, faculty awards, and student organization groups.
  • Collaborates with inter-professional colleagues for the advancement of the University’s strategic plan for education.
  • Provides input as appropriate to Chairs and Division Deans on faculty evaluations.
  • Represents the Dean at designated meetings and, as needed, at regional, national, and international professional associations.

Appointment Requirements

  • A bachelors and master’s degree in nursing and an earned doctorate in nursing or a related field.
  • A distinguished record of academic scholarship.
  • Experience in teaching and curriculum development, preferably at all three levels of nursing education.
  • Evidence of effective inter-professional educational collaboration.
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities, including a participatory leadership style that fosters respect and collegiality; strong managerial skills; ability to be creative, to take appropriate risks, and make timely decisions; openness to the ideas of others and to constructive feedback.
  • Qualifications commensurate with appointment as Associate or Full Professor.