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Clinical Associate, Senior Clinical Associate and Volunteer Faculty Appointments Subsection: 4.4.4
Section 4.0 - Faculty Policies Originating Date: October 1975
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council
Revised: August 1998
Revised: January 2004
Revised: January 2009
Reviewed: May 2016

General Position Description

The Clinical Associate and the Senior Clinical Associate appointees have primary responsibilities in clinical settings in which the College of Nursing places students for learning experiences, and they participate in various aspects of the academic programs of the College of Nursing. Appointees abide by the philosophy and procedures of the College of Nursing while participating in these activities.

The Clinical Associate is a role model for students, demonstrating one or both of the following elements: (1) complexity and subspecialization of nursing practice, and (2) new and expanded roles. The Clinical Associate identifies (in collaboration with faculty) specific learning experiences for students and communicates this information to persons in the setting in which he/she is employed.

Specific responsibilities include any of the following:

  • Acts as a preceptor.
  • Provides supervision and evaluation of student performance based on course objectives.
  • Collaborates with faculty in the planning and provision of student experiences.
  • Participates in preparation and socialization of students.
  • Participates in clinical conferences and classroom teaching.
  • Serves as a consultant and resource person to the faculty in relationship to clinical and/or management expertise.
  • Serves on College of Nursing committees.
  • Promotes and/or initiates research.

The Senior Clinical Associate serves in a leadership capacity as liaison between the College of Nursing and the clinical setting with regard to such senior level activities as policy development, collaboration and development of partnerships, facilitation of the College’s strategic plan, and other programmatic activities. Typically this individual serves in the top nursing leadership position in his/her agency.

Privileges and opportunities for both the Clinical Associate and the Senior Clinical Associate include one or more of the following:

  • Participation in activities of nursing education.
  • Assistance and support as available for research, if working collaboratively with faculty.
  • Sharing of knowledge.
  • Input into curricular issues.
  • Closer collaboration between practice and education.
  • Academic recognition for nursing expertise.

Educational Qualification

A master’s degree is required, or at the discretion of the Dean. A master's degree in nursing is preferred.

Appointment Process

  1. Applicant completes the “Application for Appointment as Clinical Associate or Volunteer Faculty” form and attached their resume.
  2. A letter of nomination is submitted by the faculty to the appropriate Department Chair/Division Assistant Dean identifying strengths and proposed contributions to nursing education. A resume is to accompany the nomination. Faculty member also completes their section of the “Recommendation of Appointment” form.
  3. The appropriate College of Nursing Department Chair/Division Assistant Dean reviews and recommends approval of the nomination and completes their section of the “Recommendation of Appointment” form. The nomination is forwarded to the Dean for final approval and appointment.
  4. The Dean completes her section of the “Recommendation of Appointment” form. The Dean’s Office will enter the paperwork into SAP. Approved notification will be sent to applicant via letter from Academic Services (signed by Dean and Chancellor).

Review Process

The review of the appointment is done annually by the Department Chairs/Division Assistant Deans using the “Clinical Associate or Volunteer Faculty Annual Review” form. The review includes verification of licensure, current employment, and faculty recommendation of continuing appointment. The review is sent to the Dean’s office for filing.

Forms for Download

Application for Appointment as Clinical Associate or Volunteer Faculty Form

Recommendation of Appointment Form

Clinical Associate or Volunteer Faculty Review Form