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Student Attire Subsection: 5.2.12
Section 5.0 - Policy Originating Date: June, 1970
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Revised: October, 1998
Revised: December, 2002
Revised: March, 2007
Revised: May, 2010
Reviewed: October, 2012
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  1. At the beginning of each nursing course, students are informed of appropriate attire for each clinical agency. Specific uniform attire requirements are described in each course syllabus. Students are held responsible for their appearance and may be dismissed from the clinical area if inappropriately attired, groomed, or adorned (for example: tattoos must be covered, artificial fingernails are not allowed, etc.).
  2. In acute and long-term care, students will wear red scrubs purchased from the vendor identified by the CON. The uniform top will be embroidered with UNMC College of Nursing. Uniforms will be purchased from the CON identified vendor.
  3. Students must also have a white lab coat available for use as designated by faculty.
  4. An official UNMC College of Nursing patch must be attached to the left sleeve, below the shoulder, of all uniforms and lab coats.
  5. A UNMC photo identification badge must also be worn in clinical agencies or when making home visits.
  6. Flat or low heeled enclosed all-white shoes or white athletic shoes, (professional in appearance) are to be worn with the red scrubs. Scrub jackets, if worn, must also be red. White socks must be worn with uniforms; patterned socks are not appropriate. For community-based and psychiatric-mental health clinical experiences, students will wear a white polo with navy blue docker-type pants, dark shoes, and dark socks. The white polo will be embroidered with the UNMC College of Nursing lettering as well. The white polo will be purchased from the CON identified vendor.
  7. Simple jewelry may be worn with the uniform, i.e., one pair of small post earrings for pierced ears, wedding rings, and watches. No other jewelry is worn with the uniform.