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Student Classifications Subsection: 5.3.2
Section 5.0 - Student Policies Originating Date: May 1982
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Professional Graduate Nursing Affairs Committee
Revised: December 1987
Revised: March 1999
Revised: October 2010 (GAC)
Revised: June 2011 (GAC)
Revised: July 2012 (via consent agenda)
Revised: May 2016
Revised: January 2017


Professional Graduate nursing students, those admitted to the MSN, post-MSN certificate, or DNP programs in nursing, are classified as follows:

  1. Non-Degree Status:

    Non-Degree Status is given to individuals who have met the minimum requirements for admission (completed Non-Degree application and provided official transcripts). These students would need to get permission from the student services coordinator to enroll in any College of Nursing course, and preference is given to nursing students with full admission status.
  2. Probationary Status:

    Probationary Status may be given when applicants show potential for graduate work and have excellent letters of support, but have not met the requirements for full graduate status. For students with a GPA below 3.0 changing from probationary status to full graduate status may require successful completion of one or more identified courses with a GPA of 3.0 or above in those courses. For new BSN graduates, probationary status may be given pending completion of the RN licensure exam and/or receipt of official transcript showing the equivalent of a baccalaureate degree in nursing is conferred.
  3. Full Admission Status:

    Full Admission Status is given to students who have met the requirements for admission and who have been accepted by the Professional Graduate Nursing Program for work leading to a master's or doctoral (DNP) degree in nursing.


The following guidelines are used to evaluate recommending progression from Non-Degree or probationary to full admission status.

  1. Non-Degree to full status - completed application for full admission meeting criteria outlined in Policy 5.3.3 and acceptance into a nursing program of study.
  2. Probationary to full status - successful completion of course work assigned by the Professional Graduate Nursing Affairs Committee as a condition of probationary admission.