CON Undergraduate Readmission/Reinstatement Policy version April 2008

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Undergraduate Readmission/Reinstatement Policy Subsection: 5.2.28
Section 5.0 - Students Originating Date: November, 1971
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Undergraduate Admission, Progression, Graduation & Scholarship/Grant Committee
Revised: April, 1998
Revised: April, 1999
Revised: May, 2000
Revised: April, 2008
LJT:3/29/99; 5/24/00; 4/21/08
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  1. Academic Suspension: After the period of suspension, the student must provide evidence that the reasons which resulted in academic difficulty have been resolved. The student may enroll in nursing courses as space permits.
  2. Student in good standing: If the education progression of a student in good standing is interrupted at the College of Nursing, for any reason other than active military duty, for longer than two academic terms, the student should reapply to the College of Nursing. The student may be reinstated as space permits on each individual campus. In the event a nursing course needed by the student is not offered during the two academic terms a student need not reapply before taking the course the next time it is offered. The student will be allowed in the nursing course as space permits on each individual campus.