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Step 1. Go to Prism Login Page
Con strategic plan 01.jpg   Using any web browser, navigate to the Prism login page and enter your UNMC username and password.
Step 2. Select a Plan
Con strategic plan 02.jpg   Select the appropriate strategic plan from the list provided. Our strategic plan is called UNMC/Nebraska Medicine Strategic Plan 20150-2018. Is it the last one listed in the image shown here. Click on the Select button shown in yellow.
Step 3. Select Report
Con strategic plan 03.jpg   You will be presented with a whole page of filter options which will determine what will and will not be included in your view of the overall strategic plan. To see just the College of Nursing goals and assigned tasks, click the check box next to College of Nursing in the Academic section of the filters.
Step 4. Generate Report
Con strategic plan 04.jpg   Scroll to the bottom of the filters page until you see the Generate Report button shown in the image. Click this button and your report of the strategic plan with all your filters applied will be generated.
Step 5.
Con strategic plan 05.jpg   This is an image showing the first section of the current strategic plan. The actual tasks assigned to the College of Nursing are denoted by the brownish arrows pointing to "UNMC College of Nursing" followed by the title of the actual task. This is followed by a narrative description, completion rate, metric, time frame, type, resource and responsible parties and their contact information.
Alternate Filtering
Con strategic plan 06.jpg   Faculty and staff wishing to quickly see those tasks that are assigned to them can use this additional filter parameter to only bring up those goals and tasks where they are listed as a responsible party. The All radio button is the default, but if you want to see only your own then click the "Mine" button and generate the report. The NetID option presents an error message at this time.