Formulation, Evaluation, and Revision Dissemination of Policies version December 2008

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Formulation, Evaluation, and Revision Dissemination of Policies Subsection: 1.3
Section 1.0 - Information Originating Date: March, 1972
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council;
Faculty Coordinating Council
Revised: March, 1987
Revised: December, 1997
Revised: April, 1999
Revised: December, 2008
J:/RESOURCE MANUAL/Table of Contents College of Nursing Resource Manual

Policies are formulated, evaluated and revised as follows:

  1. Proposals for faculty and student policies may be submitted to appropriate governance or administrative committees from faculty members, students, staff or other interested persons.
  2. Faculty and student policies shall be evaluated at least once every three years in accordance with the CON Evaluation Plan using the Protocol for Policy Evaluation Response Sheet for Evaluating CON Policies and Procedures* and revisions made accordingly.
  3. Each policy shall have a “responsible reviewing agency” identified. This entity is responsible for conducting regular evaluations of the policy. All policies that are evaluated by a College of Nursing Standing Committee shall be voted on by the General Faculty Organization (GFO).
  4. Unless stated otherwise, faculty and student policies are effective when approved by the appropriate group.

Policies are located and disseminated as follows:

  1. All faculty and student policies are available electronically on the College of Nursing J:drive in the folder called RESOURCE MANUAL.
  2. Policies that affect students will be referenced in the Bulletin of the College of Nursing and be available in their entirety on the CON Intranet
  3. When a policy has been approved, reviewed or revised by a committee and/or the General Faculty Organization, the action voted on will be noted in the meeting minutes and a copy of the policy will be sent by the committee chairperson to the Dean’s Administrative Assistant who will include it in the CON Resource Manual.
  4. New or revised policies relating to students shall be posted on affected College of Nursing campuses for a period of four weeks past the effective date. All affected students shall receive an email notifying them of the policy change and referring them to the CON Intranet for complete information.
  5. In the case of policies passed by the GFO, confirmation of the action in the GFO minutes shall constitute notification of faculty. In the case of policies passed by entities other than the GFO, confirmation of the new or revised policy shall be sent by e-mail to College of Nursing faculty and staff.

*See CON Evaluation Plan, Section 3.