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CON Division Assistant Deans

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<td>Revised: March 1998<br />Revised: December 2004<br />Revised: February 2006<br />Revised: March 2008<br />Revised: [[CON Division Assistant Deans version August 2010|August 2010]]<br />Revised: [[CON Division Assistant Deans version October 2015|October 2015]]<br />Revised: [[CON Division Assistant Deans version May 2017|May 2017]]<br />Revised: November September 2018</td>
<p style="margin-bottom:15px; max-width:70em !important;">The Division Assistant Deans encourage and facilitate faculty career development and scholarly activity. They mentor faculty in their teaching, scholarship, and service activities. They work with the Associate Dean for Research to facilitate doctorally-prepared faculty’s research programs, and with the Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Associate Dean for Transformational Practice and Partnerships to encourage faculty’s scholarly productivity in the teaching and clinical practice missions. They are responsible for making the undergraduate teaching assignments of faculty and for considering equity in faculty's total workload. They collaborate with the Associate Dean for Academic Programs and appropriate Academic Program Directors in making assignments to graduate courses. They recruit faculty to the Division, recommend the appointment of new faculty to the Dean, and orient new faculty. The Division Assistant Deans annually evaluate faculty performance, holding faculty accountable for their responsibilities to their tripartite roles. They counsel faculty toward promotion and tenure, (Refer to Appendix A3) and make recommendations to the Dean for merit salary increases. They approve faculty travel for educational and presentation opportunities within budget and make recommendations to the Dean for faculty educational leave, sabbatical leave, and nominations for faculty awards and scholarships. In consultation with faculty and the Morehead Center for Nursing Practice, they facilitate contractual agreements for faculty practice, ensuring that practice arrangements are aligned with the mission and needs of the College and are budget-neutral or budget-positive.</p>

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