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College of Nursing

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 =='''[[CON Employee Orientation|Employee Resources]]'''== =='''College of Nursing Resource Manual '''==<p style="max-width:70em !important;">The College of Nursing is currently transitioning our documentation to this wiki format. If you cannot find the information you need or discover information that requires updating, please contact [ John Barrier], CON Webmaster, at 402-559-1988, ] or [ Kelly McDonald], Director of Administration and Operations, at 402-559-4350].</p>
<li>[[Mission, Vision, Philosophy, and Framework]]</li>
<li>[[Administration and Organization]]</li>
<li>[[College of Nursing FacultyPolicy Index|Faculty Policies]]</li><li>[[College of Nursing Student Policy Index|StudentsStudent Policies]]</li><li>[[CON Facilities and Resources|Facilities and Resources]]</li><li>[[CON Resource Manual Appendices|Appendices]]</li>
<p style="margin-left:3em; font-weight:bold; margin-top:1em; margin-bottom:1em;">[[CON Responsible Committee and Policy Cross Matrix|Responsible Committee and Policy Cross Matrix]]</p>
<!-- ===Responsible Committee and Policy Cross Matrix=== -->
==[ Promotion and Tenure Documents]==
=='''[[CON Addresses and Other Important Information|Addresses and Other Important Information]]'''==
=='''[[CON 2014-2017 Strategic Plan|2014-2017 Strategic Plan]]''' ==
=='''[[CON Strategic Plan|Strategic Plan]]'''==
=='''[[Media:KlingensmithReport_022014.pdf|Faculty Practice Initiative]]''' ==

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