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CON Director, PhD Program

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<td>Revised: [[CON Director, PhD Program version January 2015|January 2015]]<br />Reviewed: December 2020</td>
====Responsibilities of the Position====
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<li style="margin-bottom:15px;margin-left:3em;">Participates with the Associate Dean for Academic Programs, other administrators, and faculty in strategic planning for doctoral education</li>
<li style="margin-bottom:15px;margin-left:3em;">Provides leadership for the ongoing review of the College’s strategic plan for doctoral education</li>
====Appointment Requirements====
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<li style="margin-bottom:15px;margin-left:3em;">A bachelor’s and master’s degree in nursing and an earned doctorate in nursing or a related field</li>
<li style="margin-bottom:15px;margin-left:3em;">Experience in PhD level teaching and curriculum development</li>

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