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Standards for Promotion and Tenure for Academic Rank Subsection: Appendix A
Section 5.0 - Information Originating Date: May, 1997
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Promotion and Tenure Committee
Revised: May, 2001
Revised: February, 2005
Revised: February, 2006
Revised: February, 2007
Revised: November, 2010
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This document provides guiding principles to assist the faculty in preparing their documents for promotion and/or continuous appointment (tenure). Included are the criteria the committee uses in its process of reviewing the faculty documents and forming a recommendation to the Dean. The criteria in this document are areas of evidence that the faculty will demonstrate as their accomplishments in the narratives. The committee anticipates that faculty members will have different accomplishments to cite in the topic areas. There is a Promotion and Tenure website on the College of Nursing’s intranet ( that provides a link to the UNMC Promotion and Tenure guidelines and additional information regarding completion of the application (e.g., application deadlines, coaching assistance, request for reviewer, examples of narratives for the application).

Areas of Accomplishments

In order to achieve the missions of the College and the University of Nebraska Medical Center UNMC), faculty members strive to achieve excellence in the three areas of teaching, scholarship, and service. Since faculty members’ responsibilities are different within the College, individual faculty accomplishments will reflect these differences. Three areas are:

  • Teaching - Teaching activity recognizes significant accomplishments in classroom, clinical and research supervision.
  • Scholarly Activity - Scholarly activity recognizes significant accomplishments that follow traditional research activities and those that relate to teaching or practice.
  • Professional Service - Professional service recognizes significant accomplishments for the university, professional organizations and in practice arenas.

Accomplishments according to academic rank:

Criteria for accomplishments defined by this document do not specify any set number that should be demonstrated for continuous appointment or promotion to a specific rank. Expected accomplishments for each rank and continuous appointment for the College of Nursing were derived from the UNMC Promotion and Tenure Guidelines for Submitting Academic Promotion and Tenure Recommendations. Accomplishments are arranged in areas for the academic rank and illustrate advancing achievement across the ranks. Consideration is usually a reflection of accomplishments during the last 4-6 years for promotion to associate professor or during the last 5-7 years for promotion to professor or since the last promotion date.

Required Accomplishments For Promotion to Academic Rank and or Tenure
Associate Professor One area at Assistant Professor rank Two sustained areas at Associate Professor rank  
Professor   One area at Associate Professor rank Two sustained areas at Professor rank
Tenure Sustained in one area Sustained in two areas  


Promotion to Associate Professor

In order to achieve promotion to the rank of an associate professor, a faculty member must demonstrate the following:

  1. Sustained record of outstanding accomplishments in at least two areas for Associate Professor rank.
  2. One area can be at Assistant Professor rank.

Promotion to Professor

In order to achieve promotion to the rank of an associate professor, a faculty member must demonstrate the following:

  1. Sustained record of accomplishments in at least two areas for Professor rank.
  2. One area can be at Associate Professor rank.

The following table identifies the criteria for the corresponding rank.

Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor
  • Has an educational and clinical background that uses content knowledge and skills for effective classroom and clinical teaching.
  • Utilizes theory and evidence with innovative methods and technology to effectively facilitate student learning.
  • Guides students’ scholarly activities.
  • Demonstrates effective teaching in several courses within area of expertise.
  • Initiates the development and improvement of innovative teaching and/or educational programs.
  • Directs student’s scholarly activities resulting in professional dissemination.
  • Receives formal recognition for effective teaching.
  • Assumes a leadership role in curriculum/course development, implementation and evaluation.
  • Mentors colleagues in area of teaching and curriculum development.
  • Is recognized nationally as an expert in a focused area.
Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor
  • Demonstrates beginning focused program of scholarship with external funding potential.
  • Demonstrates scholarly productivity, including publication of peer-reviewed manuscripts and regional, national, and/or international presentations.
  • Secures external funding for scholarly activities.
  • Establishes a focused program of scholarship with sustained scholarly output.
  • Evidences beginning national recognition for expertise and accomplishments in area of scholarship.
  • Demonstrates ability to secure ongoing external funding.
  • Is recognized as a national expert for scholarly achievement.
  • Has an extensive record of dissemination of scholarly work with scientific and clinical impact.
  • Serves as a mentor of colleagues and student scholarly activities.
Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor
  • Participates in professional organizations.
  • Participates as a contributing member of College of Nursing Committees and/or task forces.
  • Participates in local or regional activities to address health care issues.
  • Engages in faculty practice, if applicable.
  • Assumes leadership roles in professional organizations.
  • Provides leadership on College of Nursing or University Committees, Councils or Task Forces.
  • Serves as an expert on regional or national panels, review committees/councils, or journal editorial boards.
  • Demonstrates sustained national or international recognized service activities consistent with areas of excellence.
  • Provides leadership at national level to meet the mission of the University.


Continuous appointment (tenure)

Granting of continuous appointment may or may not occur at the same time as promotion in rank, however, continuous appointment has its own requirements since it is an ongoing commitment for continuation of service between the University and the faculty member. In order to be considered for continuous appointment, a faculty member needs to demonstrate two sustained areas of accomplishment for the academic rank held by the faculty member and in one area at the lower rank.

Guidelines for Submitting Academic Promotion and Tenure Recommendations

Each year a set of guidelines is published by the UNMC that describes the types of documentation and set limits for the length of narrative to be included in the recommendation document. Since these will change from time to time, they will not be detailed here. A faculty member seeking promotion or continuous appointment should refer to the current document and dates for submitting materials.