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Associate Dean for Nebraska Medicine Nursing Position Description Subsection: 3.2.6
Section 3.0 - Position Descriptions Originating Date: January 2017
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council

General Position Description:

The Assistant Deans of the Omaha, Lincoln, West Nebraska, Kearney and Northern Divisions are appointed by the Dean and responsible to the Dean for leadership in meeting the goals of their respective division and assuring congruence with the mission and goals of the College. They have responsibility for oversight of administrative and academic matters. General areas of responsibility include the recruitment, mentorship, evaluation, and career development of faculty; the quality and staffing of courses; recruitment of students; obtaining and managing resources and information; and making timely reports as needed for the College Annual Report, accreditation reports, or as requested by the Dean. Division Assistant Deans have responsibility for working collaboratively with the Associate Deans and Academic Program Directors to accomplish Division, program and College goals. Division Assistant Deans are responsible for community relations and for representing the Dean in the local area. As members of the faculty, Division Assistant Deans also participate in the tripartite faculty role of teaching, research, and service.