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Associate Dean for Nebraska Medicine Nursing Position Description Subsection: 3.2.6
Section 3.0 - Position Descriptions Originating Date: January 2017
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council

General Position Description:

The Associate Dean for Nebraska Medicine Nursing is responsible to the Dean for facilitating practice, research and educational partnerships between the College of Nursing and Nebraska Medicine consistent with the goals and missions of the two entities and the overreaching goals of the UNMC/Nebraska Medicine. The Associate Dean provides strategic leadership with promoting and sustaining integration between the UNMC College of Nursing and Nebraska Medicine, as well as maintaining and supporting existing relationships in the areas of undergraduate and graduate education. This individual serves as the Nebraska Medicine Chief Nursing Officer or similar role. The Associate Dean provides a contemporary perspective of the current and future health care environment and input into strategic thinking about development of nursing science, nursing education, and clinical practice, and building a nursing workforce for the future. This perspective, in collaboration with the other Associate Deans and Faculty, assists in providing a strong reality base in the evaluation of existing programs that involve students, faculty, research and curriculum. The Associate Dean participates in the trifold faculty roles of teaching, research and service/practice.