CON Committee on Nominations Rules of the Faculty Organization version November 2011

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Committee on Nominations Rules of the Faculty Organization Subsection: 4.1.2
Section 4.0 - Rules of the Faculty Organization Originating Date: May, 1982
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Committee on Nominations
Faculty Coordinating Council;
General Faculty Organization
Revised: January, 1999
Revised: April, 2006
Revised: March, 2008
Reviewed: March, 2009
Revised: May, 2010
Revised: November, 2011
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1.    Purpose:

The purpose of the Committee on Nominations is to provide for membership in Standing Committees and Special Committees of the College of Nursing in accordance with the adopted rules and regulations for committees.

2.    Functions:

  1. Maintain a master list of Standing and Special Committees, identifying elected and appointed positions, years of appointment, and composition of membership.
  2. Provide for the filling of vacancies occurring in Standing Committees:
    1. Solicit names of nominees for membership in Standing Committees. A committee candidate may self-nominate for committees. The Committee on Nominations will accept nominations made by other faculty members provided that permission to run for election has been obtained from the nominated individual.
    2. Prepare and submit list of candidates for an electronic ballot for election of members to Standing Committees. The Chair of the Nominations Committee will report the results of the election to all faculty via e-mail as soon as the results are determined.
  3. Unexpected Vacancies:
    1. The chair of a committee with an unexpected vacancy shall provide written notification of the vacancy to the Committee on Nominations and the Chairperson of the General Faculty Organization.
    2. An election will not be required if the 'runner up' from the previous election agrees to accept the position.
    3. If there is no “runner up” the Committee will solicit qualified nominations for the vacancy and place names on a ballot.
    4. The person is then recommended by Chairperson of the General Faculty Organization and a confirmation vote is completed by the faculty at the next GFO meeting.
  4. Resolve ties by holding a run-off election utilizing a ballot.
  5. Develop, in collaboration with the Chairperson of the General Faculty Organization, an annual schedule of the meeting dates and times of the Standing Committees.
  6. Provide for the election of the Chairperson, Chairperson-Elect, Secretary, and Parliamentarian of the General Faculty Organization.
  7. Provide for the nomination of College of Nursing members on the University of Nebraska Medical Center Faculty Senate (see Article VI, UNMC Faculty Handbook).

3.    Membership:

  1. Chairperson, to be elected annually by the members of the Committee. The Chair must be a person who is entering their second consecutive year of service on this committee.
  2. The previous year's committee chairperson will serve one (1) year as an ex-officio member.
  3. Six (6) faculty members elected by the General Faculty Organization for staggered two year terms:
    Omaha Division: One (1) member elected in odd years
    Lincoln Division: One (1) member elected in even years
    Kearney Division: One (l) member elected in odd years
    West Nebraska Division: One (l) member elected in even years
    Northern Division: One (1) member elected in odd years
    One (1) member at-large elected in even years (Associate Professor or higher rank)

4.    Guidelines:

  1. The committee shall meet at least two (2) times per year to prepare a ballot and conduct business.
  2. All members have voting privileges.