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Dean's List Policy Subsection: 5.2.30
Section 5.0 - Student Policies Originating Date: October 1978
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Undergraduate Admission, Progression, Graduation and Scholarship/Grant Committee
Revised: April 1987
Revised: February 1999
Revised: May 2000
Revised: February 2003
Revised: April 2008
Reviewed: October 2012
Reviewed: April 2018


The Dean of the College of Nursing will recognize student’s outstanding academic achievement for full-time study by placing students on the Dean's List each semester.

  1. Only students enrolled in twelve or more hours any one semester are eligible for the Dean's List.
  2. The cumulative University of Nebraska grade point average for the semester must be 3.75 or above.
  3. The Student Services Coordinator verifies eligible candidates and submits names to the Dean of the College.
  4. Students are notified by letter from the Dean.
  5. A list of students to be recognized will be sent to Academic Records for inclusion on the permanent record, and to the Department of Public Relations.