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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Subsection: 3.3.2
Section 3.0 - Administration and Organization Originating Date: March 2022
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council


The purpose of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee is to lead the College of Nursing (CON) faculty, staff, and students to foster a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the education, practice/service, and research missions in accordance with the strategic plan.


  • Provide consultation and guidance related to DEI activities, events, and best practices that promote understanding of social determinants of health and lead to preparation of a nursing workforce that reflects the people and communities served in Nebraska and throughout the nation.
  • Promote cultural competence and community engagement for students, faculty, and staff to foster health equity, social justice, and elimination of health disparities
  • Promote, organize, coordinate, and review DEI efforts in the tripartite mission of the CON and University of Nebraska Medical Center (education, research, practice/service).
  • Assess, report, and advise on educational content and clinical opportunities with a focus on DEI competencies.
  • Collaborate with UNMC including but not limited to the Offices of Diversity and Inclusion; Human Resources; Interprofessional Academy of Educators; Office of Community Engagement, McGoogan library and other committees as it relates to the promotion and support of DEI.
  • Collaborate with Student Services in the recruitment of a diverse student population.
  • Support and encourage a diverse faculty and staff.


Elected representatives from all five campuses and at least one staff and student representative.

  • The committee will be co-chaired by one faculty and one staff member.
  • The committee will elect co-chairs-elect (one faculty and one staff) by majority vote on opposite years. The co-chairs-elect will transition into the formal co-chair roles the following year to facilitate consistent leadership and process transitions.
  • Time spent as co-chairs -elect and subsequent co-chairs shall total three years
  • The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee will consist of the following elected membership for two-year terms, staggered so that no more than 3 positions are open for election in a given year:
    • Kearney Division – At least one (1) faculty and one (1) staff member
    • Lincoln Division – At least one (1) faculty and one (1) staff member
    • Northern Division – At least one (1) faculty and one (1) staff member
    • Omaha Division – At least one (1) faculty and one (1) staff member
    • West Nebraska Division – At least one (1) faculty and one (1) staff member
    • One student from each division is appointed
    • CON Diversity Leader (ex officio)


  • Meets regularly during the academic year
  • Reports to Executive Council
  • Elect co-chairs in the spring on opposite years; the faculty co-chair will represent the committee on Faculty Coordinating Council. The staff co-chair will represent the committee on the General Staff Organization.
  • Committee membership will be elected following the rules of the General Staff Organization (GSO) and General Faculty Organization (GFO) committees respectively.
  • All elected members have equal voting privileges according to Rules of the GSO or GFO governance.
  • Committee will participate in the implementation and evaluation of annual strategic goals related to DEI and provide reports to CON leadership, GFO and GSO.