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Faculty Practice Committee Rules of the Faculty Organization Subsection: 4.1.10
Section 4.0 - Rules of the Faculty Organization Originating Date: October, 1998
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Faculty Practice Committee;
Faculty Coordinating Council;
General Faculty Organization
Revised: January, 1999
Revised: May, 2001
Revised: April, 2006
Revised: January, 2008
Revised: February, 2009
Revised: May, 2010
Revised: November, 2011
Reviewed: October, 2012
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1.    Purpose:

The purpose of the Faculty Practice Committee is to stimulate interest and involvement of faculty members in practice, assist faculty in the integration of clinical practice into the academician’s role, and support faculty in attaining and maintaining quality in practice endeavors in order to facilitate College of Nursing goals.

2.    Functions:

  1. Promote faculty practice 1 as an important dimension of the faculty role;
  2. Provide expertise to practicing faculty in developing a program of clinical scholarship;
  3. Assist faculty in developing interprofessional practice as an aspect of their role differentiation;
  4. Provide a forum for addressing faculty practice issues or concerns;
  5. Advocate for practicing faculty who have concerns or issues specific to their practice role;
  6. In collaboration with Morehead Center for Nursing Practice (MCNP) leadership, provide input into the MCNP goals and functions for academic nursing practice;
  7. The Committee will select the recipient for the Ada M. Lindsey Professional Service Award and report the name of the awardee to the Faculty Coordinating Council.

3.    Membership:

  1. Chairperson, elected annually from the membership by committee members for a one (1) year term.
  2. Eight (8) faculty members elected at-large for two (2) year terms, four (4) in even years and four (4) in odd years. The minimum criteria for membership is participation in faculty practice.
  3. Director of Morehead Center for Nursing Practice, ex officio member.

4.    Guidelines:

  1. Meetings will be held each month during the academic year.
  2. All elected members shall have voting privileges

1 Faculty practice shall be defined as an arrangement for provision of professional nursing services to individuals, families, populations, or systems wherein the faculty member is ultimately responsible for outcomes and demonstrates a commitment to scholarly activity.

Bylaws changed to Rules of the Faculty Organization – November, 2011