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Graduate Grading System - PhD Program Subsection: 5.4.3
Section 5.0 - Student Policies Originating Date: September 2012
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
PhD Affairs Council
Reviewed: September 2015


Grade guidelines for all College of Nursing PhD in Nursing graduate courses.

The percentage system used to award grades within the College of Nursing is the following:

A+   98-100   D+   68-69
A   93-97   D   63-67
A-   90-92   D-   60-62
B+   88-89   F   below 60
B   83-87        
B-   80-82        
C+   78-79        
C   73-77        
C-   70-72        

Quality points are calculated according to the following system:

Grade   Quality Points   Grade   Quality Points
A+ & A   4.0   C   2.00
A-   3.67   C-   1.67
B+   3.33   D+   1.33
B   3.00   D   1.00
B-   2.67   D-   0.67
C+   2.33   F   0.00

Please see UNMC Graduate Studies Scholarship Requirements for detailed information.

To monitor student progression, faculty must notify the PhD Program Director and the Director for Student Services when a student’s grade falls below the level of B at midterm and/or course completion.