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         <td  valign="top" width="60%">Responsible Reviewing Agency:<br /><div style="margin-left:3em; line-height:1.2;">PhD Nursing Affairs Committee</div></td>
         <td  valign="top" width="60%">Responsible Reviewing Agency:<br /><div style="margin-left:3em; line-height:1.2;">PhD Nursing Affairs Council</div></td>
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PhD Affairs Council Rules of the Faculty Organization Subsection: 4.1.9
Section 4.0 - Faculty Policies Originating Date: May 2010
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
PhD Nursing Affairs Council
Revised: September 2011
Revised: November 2011
Revised: September 2012
Revised: May 2013
Revised: May 2018

1.    Purpose:

The purpose of the PhD Nursing Affairs Council is to foster high quality, doctoral education in nursing in accordance with the policies of the UNMC Graduate College.

2.    Functions:

  1. Plan and monitor courses and curricula and make recommendations for approval from the UNMC Graduate Council.
  2. Recommend applicants for admission to the doctoral program to the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  3. Recommend names of students for graduation to the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  4. Recommend approval of dissertation supervisory and examination committees to the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  5. Develop and coordinate regular ongoing formal evaluation of the curriculum and graduates and provide ongoing feedback for program improvement.
  6. Monitor students’ performance for progression and recommend candidacy.
  7. Establish criteria, policies and procedures to be used in awarding and reporting scholarships, traineeships, fellowships, and other awards to doctoral students.
  8. Notify College of Nursing Student Services office of honors/awards received by doctoral students.
  9. Notify Professional Graduate Nursing Program Curriculum Committee, Professional Graduate Nursing Program Admission, Progression, Graduation & Scholarship Committee and General Faculty Organization of any changes approved by UNMC Graduate College.

3.    Memberships:

Membership consists of voting and ex-officio graduate faculty members who are recommended to the Dean of Graduate Studies for appointment.

  1. Five graduate faculty members shall be elected at-large by the Graduate Faculty, one of whom shall be an ‘emerging scholar’. The term ‘emerging scholar’ has been defined as having Graduate Faculty Status, within 5 years of receiving their PhD, with a record of publication/scholarship.
  2. Two regular members will be elected every year. One “emerging scholar” member will be elected in odd numbered years (2013, 2015, etc.) Regular members must be eligible to direct dissertations (see PhD in Nursing Program Student and Advisor Handbook).
  3. The PhD Program Director is a permanent member and serves as Chair of the Council.
  4. The Dean of the College of Nursing, the Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Associate Dean for Research, the Associate Dean for Transformational Practice and Partnerships, and the Director of the DNP Program are permanent, ex-officio members.
  5. One student representative is appointed by the PhD Affairs Council.
  6. One representative of the council will attend the Faculty Coordinating Committee meetings.

4.    Voting:

  1. All elected members may vote.
  2. The Director of the PhD Program is a non-voting member except in the case of a tie.

5.    Term of Service:

2 year terms; 2 elected in alternating years.

  1. Graduate faculty members shall serve on the PhD Affairs Council for a term of two years.
  2. Each member may be re-elected for an additional two year term.
  3. Following these two terms, the member must allow one year to pass before serving any additional terms.

6.    Guidelines:

  1. The Director of the PhD Program will serve as chair.
  2. A staff assistant will facilitate the work of the committee as appropriate.
  3. Meet monthly during the academic year and as called by the Chairperson.
  4. Student member will be excused when confidential student items are discussed.


Name Change from Doctoral Affairs Council to PhD Affairs Council – September 1, 2011
Bylaws changed to Rules of the Faculty Organization – November, 2011
Membership changed to include DNP Program Director – September, 2012
Membership changed to include a fifth voting member, an ‘emerging scholar’, May 2013
Reviewing agency changed May 2013