CON Proctoring Process for Off Campus Examinations

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Proctoring Process for Remote Students Subsection: Appendix V
Section 5.0 - Students Originating Date: May, 2011
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Graduate Affairs Committee;
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
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Course Coordinator Responsibilities:

The Course Coordinator will:

  1. Identify the students who require proctors.
  2. Notify students that proctors must not be close personal friends or family members, and work managers are not advised. Proctors can include librarians, administrative staff, teachers, military officers, clergy, or testing or tutoring resource people at another college.
  3. Provide instructions and testing schedule to students and proctors. The specific testing dates should be the same for all remote students in the course. If an exception needs to be made in the test schedule, arrangements need to be made by the course coordinator, testing coordinator, and the proctor. Information about where the student’s course and test are located (e.g. Blackboard, course number) and if the student can use any course

materials during the test should be provided to the proctor.

  1. Coordinate with Testing Coordinator concerning test password(s) and dates for proctors. Prior to administering the tests, course coordinators should notify proctors of the test password and any specific instructions.
  2. Work with testing coordinator or IT to maximize test security measures prior to administering the test.

Student Responsibilities:

Proctor Responsibilities: