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Student Clinical Attire Subsection: 5.2.12
Section 5.0 - Student Policies Originating Date: June 1970
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Revised: October 1998
Revised: December 2002
Revised: March 2007
Revised: May 2010
Reviewed: October 2012
Revised: March 2016


  1. At the beginning of each nursing course, students are informed of appropriate attire for each division specific clinical agency. Specific uniform attire requirements are described in each campus addendum. Students are held responsible for their appearance and may be dismissed from the clinical area if inappropriately attired, groomed, or adorned.
  2. In acute and long-term care, students will wear red scrubs purchased from the vendor identified by the CON, unless otherwise instructed by course faculty. The uniform top will be embroidered with UNMC College of Nursing.
  3. Nursing students must also have a white lab coat available for use as designated by faculty.
  4. An official UNMC College of Nursing patch must be attached to the left sleeve, below the shoulder, of all polos, scrubs, scrub jackets and lab coats.
  5. A UNMC photo identification badge must also be worn for all clinical activities.
  6. Flat or low heeled enclosed all-white or all-black shoes/athletic shoes, (professional in appearance) are to be worn with the red scrubs. Solid white or black colored socks must be worn with uniforms; patterned socks are not appropriate.
  7. For community-based and as instructed by faculty, students will wear a campus identified white or red polo with navy blue or black business casual pants, enclosed dark shoes, and dark socks. The polo will be purchased from the CON identified vendor and embroidered with the UNMC College of Nursing lettering.
  8. Simple jewelry may be worn in the clinical setting. This includes one pair of small post earrings in the ear lobe, wedding rings, and watches. No other jewelry is worn in clinical. The use of jewelry must not exceed agency policy.
  9. Nursing students are expected to exhibit a professional appearance in all clinical settings. Hair must be clean and if long must be tied or clipped back. Extremes in hairstyle and color are not acceptable. Facial hair must be clean shaven or beards and mustaches neatly trimmed. Nails must be short with no polish or artificial nails. All tattoos must be covered. Uniforms must fit well (no short tops or bottoms including exposure of upper and lower torso), be clean and unwrinkled. Pants must be neatly hemmed and not touching the floor (Denim jeans and stretch leggings are not acceptable). Garments worn underneath the uniform for warmth must be white or black and tucked in at the waist.The use of perfume or scented lotion is prohibited. Cosmetics should be applied conservatively.