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Executive Council Subsection: 3.3
Section 3.0 - Rules of the Faculty Organization Originating Date: May, 1982
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council
Revised: July, 1998
Revised: February, 2006
Revised: February, 2008
Revised: July, 2009
Revised: January, 2011
Revised: May, 2011
Revised: March, 2012
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The Executive Council provides leadership for strategic planning and implementation of the strategic plan, allocation of resources, quality improvement, communication, and evaluation to assure that the mission and goals of the College of Nursing are achieved.


  1. Collaborate with and advise the Dean on administrative decision making.
  2. Coordinate activities of programs, departments, and divisions.
  3. Provide leadership for quality improvement activities.
  4. Provide leadership for development, implementation, and evaluation of the CON Strategic Plan.
  5. Make recommendations regarding resource allocation.
  6. Provide leadership for program evaluation and improvement.


  1. Dean, College of Nursing – Chair (1)
  2. Associate Deans – Academic Programs, Research (2)
  3. Assistant Deans – Lincoln, Kearney, West Nebraska, Northern (4)
  4. Department Chairs – (3)
  5. Directors – Morehead Center for Nursing Practice; Continuing Nursing Education & Evaluation; Undergraduate Program; Ph.D. Program; Doctor of Nursing Practice; Student Services; Administration & Operations (7)
  6. Chair – GFO (1)
  7. Administrative Assistant to the Dean (1)


  1. Meetings once per month and/or as called.
  2. All Council members vote.
  3. Agenda is prepared by the Dean with input from the members.