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Policy No.: 6008
Effective Date: 03/17/03
Revised Date: 11/29/16
Reviewed Date: 11/29/16

Identification Card Policy

Basis for Policy

It is the policy of the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) to comply with authoritative guidelines, to assure a safe and secure workplace for faculty, staff, students, patients and visitors, and to protect the property of the University. Further, it is the policy of UNMC to protect confidentiality and privacy through appropriate use of information gathered in the course of employment or other affiliation with UNMC or entrusted to UNMC for academic, research, patient care, or administrative purposes.


To ensure a safe and secure workplace, all faculty, staff, house officers, students, and volunteers are required to wear a photo identification card which:

  • indicates the individual's name, department, and college or unit
  • promotes a positive public image
  • is consistently displayed throughout UNMC, Nebraska Medicine, and University Dental Associates

Individuals who are providing a service on campus and who are not members of the workforce should have identification cards. It is the department’s responsibility to ensure appropriate identification is utilized.

Examples of identification may include, but not be limited to,

  • individuals who are on campus the majority of normal work time (i.e. Creighton or VA employees who office on the UNMC campus, visitors from other countries who are assigned work responsibilities) should have a photo identification badge.
  • vendors should have identification from their company or be issued temporary identification. Temporary identification could be a “visitor” badge or a “label.”

General Information

  • Active ID cards will not be sent through the campus mail system.
  • Individuals terminating employment with the UNMC are required to return issued ID cards (see UNMC Policy No. 1006, Employee Separation Policy).
  • Individuals who give their ID card to other employees, visitors, etc. are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
  • Individuals who consistently do not wear their ID badge or refuse to wear their ID badge are subject to disciplinary action.

Additional Information

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