Mission, Vision and Philosophy Framework Statements

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Mission, Vision & Leadership Philosophy Statement Subsection: 2.1
Section 2.0 - Mission, Vision, Philosophy and Framework Originating Date: February 1981
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Faculty Coordinating Council
Strategic Planning Committee

Final Approving Agency:
Executive Council
Revised: April 1996
Revised: January 1999
Revised: December 1999
Revised: January 2000
Revised: February 2007
Revised: January 2010
Revised: April 2010
Revised: May 2016


The mission of the College of Nursing is to transform lives through premier nursing education, innovative research, the highest quality health care, and promotion of health equity.


The vision of the College of Nursing is to be a vital contributor to a world-renowned health sciences center and to:

  • advance innovative nursing education incorporating evidence-based experiential and active learning approaches;
  • lead health care and health systems solutions based on world-class nursing research;
  • promote health, reduce the burden of illness, and foster health equity in Nebraska and beyond; and,
  • embrace diversity and inclusivity as essential to excellence.

Leadership Philosophy

The leadership philosophy of the College embraces resiliency, shaping positive change, pro-active thinking, effective partnerships, and risk-taking toward creative possibilities.

Communication Philosophy

The mission and vision of the College of Nursing are accomplished through open, honest, and respectful dialogue within our community of interest. Diverse opinions are sought and valued, and decisions are made after full discussion. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for positive communication behaviors.