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Policy No.: 7000
Effective Date: 03/16/05
Revised Date: 03/15/10
Reviewed Date: 04/12/21

Science and Technology Advisory Committee Policy


According to the University of Nebraska Board of Regents Patent and Technology Transfer Policy RP-4.4.2 approved in November 2003, UNMC is required to establish a Science and Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) for the review of new inventions. Each new invention is evaluated for the potential to obtain effective intellectual property protection, stimulate business interest, and contribute to economic development. STAC makes recommendations based upon these criteria to the UNMC Patent Administrator and the Vice Chancellor for Research, who have authority for decisions regarding intellectual property development, licensing and other technology transfer issues. STAC also may be called upon to make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Research concerning the administration of RP-4.4.2 "Patent and Technology Transfer Policy" or Section 3.10 of the Bylaws of the Board of Regents.


  • Members of STAC are selected by the UNMC Patent Administrator in consultation with the Vice Chancellor for Research.
  • Qualifications to be considered for appointing members include knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and ability.
  • STAC will be composed of UNeMed personnel. Additionally, STAC has within its purview the ability to utilize the expertise of UNMC faculty and outside consultants as ad hoc members of STAC to review specific technologies. All individuals will be under confidentiality agreements.
  • The Patent Administrator in consultation with the Vice Chancellor for Research may invite other participants with applicable expertise to specific meetings as needed.


  • Inventions will be evaluated by STAC for their potential to obtain effective intellectual property protection; to stimulate business interest; and to contribute to economic development.
  • STAC members are expected to put aside individual agendas and seek to work for the common good, as they evaluate inventions using these criteria.
  • STAC members should attend every meeting. The date, time and location of meetings will be determined by the Patent Administrator. An agenda and minutes will be prepared for each meeting. Written descriptions of the inventions to be discussed will be provided to members at least three (3) days in advance of meetings so that members of STAC may be prepared for the discussions.
  • Information about inventions and about discussions at the meeting are confidential and not to be shared with persons outside of STAC. All members and attendees shall execute confidentiality agreements with the Board of Regents before receiving confidential information.
  • Any written descriptions of inventions distributed outside UNeMed are to be returned to UNeMed without having been copied. Outcomes of the meeting will be relayed to inventors by a representative of UNeMed.

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