Social Security Number

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This policy governs the use of SSN within the UNMC campus. Use of SSN within information systems provided by University of Nebraska Central Administration shall follow the policies applicable to those systems.
UNMC shall not use Social Security Numbers to identify students, employees, research subjects, alumni, donors, potential students, and affiliates outside of those uses specifically required by law, such as financial aid, payroll and benefit functions.
Social Security Numbers (SSNs) - including any portion of the full nine digits, shall not be electronically collected, transmitted, or stored by members of the workforce unless specifically authorized in writing by authorized individuals as outlined in this policy. Individuals or departments that collect, transmit or store SSNs will take steps necessary to secure this data using best practices identified by the Information Security Office.
*The Social Security Number of a research subject is considered confidential information and should not be used to identify a research subject unless legally mandated.
*ITS shall be available to assist in identifying alternatives to use of Social Security Number.
*In the event that the Social Security Number of a research subject must be maintained, a form, [ Request to Use Social Security Number], must be completed and submitted the Information Security Office who which will facilitate approval from the Institutional Review Board. In cases where the research subject Social Security Number must be stored in a database, the database use must comply with [ ITS Database Security Procedures].