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Change of Specialty for MSN Students Subsection: 5.3.8
Section 5.0 - Students Originating Date: February, 2010
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Professional Graduate Nursing Program Admission, Progression, Graduation & Scholarship Committee
Revised: May, 2010
Revised: April, 2012
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College of Nursing professional graduate nursing students currently in the MSN program may request to change specialty areas. A written request submitted to the Graduate Student Services Coordinator indicating the preferred specialty area is required, and the student’s request will be considered at the same time as and in the same manner as all other applicants to that specialty. All normal application deadline dates apply. The student does not automatically forfeit his/her spot in the original specialty area due to re-application to a different specialty area.

The MSN student must notify his/her advisor which specialty he/she will submit a request.

  1. The student is required to submit a new narrative of educational/career goals and three new letters of recommendation. These materials must be submitted to the Student Services Coordinator.
  2. The student’s UNMC transcripts will not have to be requested. Transcripts from the original application can be retrieved from the student’s current file in the College of Nursing Student Services Office.

If the student is accepted to the new specialty, he/she must complete the Change of Area form, obtaining signatures from the coordinators of both the new and original specialty areas. If the student is declined admission to the new specialty area, he/she may choose to remain in the original specialty or withdraw from the professional graduate nursing program completely.