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Director of Administration and Operations Subsection: 3.2.20
Section 3.0 - Position Description Originating Date: May, 2011
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council
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General Position Description

The Director of Administration and Operations in the College of Nursing has oversight of the College’s operations and administrative services. These include human resources; academic and staff personnel support; facilities, infrastructure and capital project management; fiscal and business management and other administrative duties as assigned.

Organizational Relationships

The Director of Administration and Operations reports directly to the Dean and works closely with the Dean in the overall administration of the College. S/he collaborates with the College of Nursing Associate and Assistant Deans, Department Chairs, Directors, faculty and staff to advance the College’s strategic initiatives. External to the College, the position collaborates with the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Budget and Financial Compliance, as well as with peer personnel throughout UNMC, and represents the College in various University-level councils.

Responsibilities of the Position

  • Oversee and coordinate all daily operations of the CON performed by staff. These functions fall into three broad categories: (1) academic programs; (2) college and building administration; and (3) accounting and finance (this includes but is not limited to preparation of all grants and budgets, fiscal management of the College, Foundation accounts, and grant accounts, human resources, supply ordering and travel
  • Short and long range planning and policy development and implementation for administrative services and operations
  • Direct organization, supervision, support and evaluation of Dean’s staff; administrative liaison for all CON staff
  • Facilitation of staff development and staff organization meetings
  • Interpretation of UNMC and CON financial, HR and administrative policies, and appropriate implementation to ensure compliance with University, Board of Regents, State and Federal standards
  • Develop complex agreements such as contractual documents and MOUs
  • Respond to data requests and surveys (e.g. AACN) as appropriate
  • Pursuit of appropriate grants and contracts in support of College activities
  • Direct the organization, maintenance and processing of supplemental compensation measures in alignment with Dean’s directives. Assure completion and maintenance of records of supplemental compensation including annual report to Academic Affairs
  • Assure the maintenance of the Human Resources record keeping system in accordance with rules and regulations
  • Implement and follow-through on confidential personnel and budget activity to include implementing Dean’s directives relative to promotions, evaluations, reclassification and other payroll adjustments
  • Prepare salary proposals based on College strategic needs and analysis of benchmarks and specific data
  • Review requested changes in personnel records (i.e. funding source) for compliance with UNMC and CON policies and procedures an College strategic goals
  • Assist hiring managers in analysis of workflow and business needs, assuring alignment with College strategic goals. Assist hiring managers with conceptual models for positions including writing job descriptions, salary recommendations; assist with recruitment processes and application reviews, and other processes as necessary. Provide hiring managers and College leadership with recommendations for appropriate salary adjustments. Assure processes for regular and systematic job description reviews and updates, Jobs@ posting, verification of salary, new hire procedures and processes

Appointment Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree (master’s degree preferred) in business administration, public administration or related field and/or certificates in areas such as business management, decision-making, conflict management, academic administration
  • General business acumen and vision to include: good judgment, negotiation skills, basic accounting, financial statement knowledge including accurate interpretation and analysis, and ability to anticipate and forecast programmatic needs of the business unit/college
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Advanced proficiency in analytic reasoning and strategic planning to formulate budgets and administrative policies and processes.
  • Understanding of regulatory framework and internet controls (financial and compliance) and ability to apply them within the business unit/college
  • Ability to assess risk and problem solve by critically evaluating alternative courses of action and arriving at solutions that are best for both the business unit/college and UNMC as a whole
  • Understanding of human resource administration and related regulatory environment
  • Exhibits a style of participatory leadership and fosters a climate of respect and collegiality to include competency regarding: conflict management, supervision, mentoring and team building
  • Working knowledge of related technological resources/software to include enterprise systems and the MS Office suite
  • Ability to counsel superiors regarding required alternative courses of action
  • Demonstrated ability to develop complex contracts.