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Mission, Vision & Leadership Philosophy Statement Subsection: 2.1
Section 2.0 - Information Originating Date: February, 1981
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council;

Faculty Coordinating Council;

Strategic Planning Committee
Revised: April, 1996
Revised: January, 1999
Revised: December, 1999
Revised: January, 2000
Revised: February, 2007
Revised: January, 2010 **
Revised: April, 2010 *
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The Mission of the College of Nursing is to improve the health of Nebraska through premier nursing education programs, innovative research, the highest quality patient care, and service to underserved populations.

The Vision of the College of Nursing is to be a vital part of a world-renowned health sciences center and to:

  •     Deliver state of the art nursing education blending traditional learning approaches with emerging learning technologies;
  •     Offer health care and health systems solutions grounded in leading-edge nursing science;
  •     Promote health, reduce the burden of illness, and lessen health disparities in Nebraska and beyond.

Leadership Philosophy *: The mission and vision of the College of Nursing are accomplished through leadership by faculty, staff, and students. The leadership philosophy of the College embraces resiliency, shaping positive change, pro-active thinking, effective partnerships, and risk-taking toward creative possibilities. (* Approved by GFO/GSO 4/19/10)

UNMC Critical Success Factors

  1. UNMC will be learning-centered in education.
  2. Increase prominence as a research health sciences center.
  3. Advance community/global partnerships for health.
  4. Create a culturally competent organization.
  5. Advance biomedical technologies to improve health, diversify UNMC revenues and create economic growth in Nebraska.
  6. Strengthen employee loyalty, satisfaction and wellness.
  7. Position UNMC to prosper during health care reform.

** August 1, 2010 – Updated UNMC’s Critical Success Factors