Utilizing Generative AI

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Policy No.: 8020

Effective Date: Draft 01/16/24

Revised Date:

Reviewed Date:

Utilizing Generative AI


UNMC recognizes its role as an innovator in higher education, research, and clinical care, and embraces the future opportunities available to utilize generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) in educational, research, clinical and administrative settings, while being careful to mitigate the potential risks involved in its development and use.

It is the responsibility of the faculty, students and staff of UNMC to use GenAI products or GenAI-enhanced products in an appropriate manner. Users should assume that all GenAI products or GenAI-enhanced products make data publicly available unless otherwise indicated per explicit agreement. All existing education, information security, and research compliance policies and guidelines across our educational, research and clinical missions that may implicate GenAI usage should continue to be followed with full responsibility of the individual user(s).

This policy, and other domain-specific GenAI policies, will continue to be developed and updated in light of the rapidly evolving nature of this technology, as well as due to ongoing institutional work in this field. Changing knowledge, best practices and national guidelines and regulations will form the basis of future policy for UNMC.

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