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Incident Report Subsection: 4.2.5
Section 4.0 - Information Originating Date: July, 1991
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council
Revised: August, 1998
Revised: December, 2006
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In keeping with the policy of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, it is the policy of the College of Nursing that there be written confidential reports of all unusual incidents occurring at any of the College's Divisions, in agencies where students are assigned for learning experiences, or en route to or from learning experiences. This is to be completed for faculty and students even if there is a separate incident report required by the agency in which an incident occurs.

  1. Purpose
    The purpose of a Confidential Report of Occurrence is to provide prompt, complete and accurate documentation of the details related to an incident in order to: assure continuous quality improvement, identify trends or potential problems, document occurrences to assess liability, process any necessary insurance claims, and provide the information necessary to carry out corrective action and develop programs for prevention (UNMC Safety Policy Number 2000).
  2. Definition
    An incident is any unusual occurrence which is not consistent with the routine operation of the Medical Center or an agency in which students are assigned for clinical learning experiences. An incident is defined as one which: may or did cause harm, involves possible negligence, requires some immediate consideration or action by the supervising faculty member or administration. Examples include, but are not limited to: accidents, medication errors, accidental exposure to body fluids, theft of property or other potentially dangerous occurrences.


  1. The supervising faculty member will complete the agency Incident Report Form and the UNMC Confidential Report of Occurrence forms within 24 hours of the incident occurrence and verbally notify the appropriate Department Chair or Division Assistant Dean. The UNMC Confidential Report of Occurrence and a copy of the completed agency incident report form (if available) will be forwarded as soon as possible to the appropriate Department Chair in Omaha, or to the Assistant Dean in Kearney, Lincoln or Scottsbluff. References to incident reports are not to be included in medical records. Copies of the UNMC Confidential Report of Occurrence are not to be made or retained.
  2. After review and signature by the appropriate Department Chair or Division Assistant Dean, completed original forms will be sent to the UNMC Risk Management Office.
  3. The UNMC Confidential Report of Occurrence Form is available online at
  4. Faculty should consult the UNMC Student Handbook and the UNMC Safety Policy (referenced above in #1) for follow-up procedures (e.g. blood and body fluid exposure).