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Director, Morehead Center for Nursing Practice Position Description Subsection: 3.2.12
Section 3.0 - Position Descriptions Originating Date: June 2007
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council
Revised: April 2008
Revised: December 2014
Revised: January 2015

General Position Description

The Director is responsible for academic nursing practice activities throughout the CON to assure optimal education, research, and fiscal outcomes from faculty practice. The faculty practice activities of the CON include the Academic Nursing Clinics, contracts for faculty practice services, health services research and evaluation, and practices developed and managed by the Morehead Center for Nursing Practice (MCNP).

Organizational Relationship

The Director reports to the Associate Dean for Transformational Practice and Partnerships regarding faculty practice, clinical initiatives, and community engagement. In addition, s/he is a member of the faculty assigned to a division where s/he participates in the tripartite faculty roles of teaching, research, and service. The Director collaborates with the division assistant deans in the areas of faculty practice. The Director collaborates with the Associate Dean for Research in areas related to clinical scholarship.

Responsibilities of the Position

  • Provide leadership in developing the CON strategic vision for practice
  • Mentor, advise, and assist faculty who want to develop a faculty practice and/or a program of clinical scholarship.
  • Provide the infrastructure to support clinical enterprises activities, including, the credentialing process, report generation, and practice and evaluation grants budget maintenance.
  • Monitor outcomes of academic nursing practices to include clinical data, access to care, cost of care data, and education and clinical scholarship activities.
  • Provide data regarding faculty practice activities, including revenue, scholarship, and teaching to division deans to assist them in mentoring faculty and faculty evaluation.
  • Collaborate with the CON Director of Administration & Operations and the Associate Dean for Transformational Practices and Partnerships to monitor budgets of the academic nursing clinics, faculty practice contracts, and other fiscal activities related to practice activities, e.g. faculty development accounts.
  • Be accountable for the budget of the MCNP.
  • Represent faculty practice and academic nursing center issues at the Executive Council and to the Dean.
  • In collaboration with Faculty Practice Committee and Executive Council, develop and implement policies related to faculty practice to present to GFO.
  • Ex Officio member of the Faculty Practice Committee.
  • Pursue practice funding, including practice grant development and implementation, revenue, and foundation funding.

Appointment Requirements

  • Earned doctorate in nursing preferred.
  • Nationally certified clinical expert preferred.
  • Experience in academic nursing practices.
  • Established program of clinical scholarship to include practice improvement, or translational research or health services research.
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities, managerial skills, creativity, ability to collaborate across practice disciplines, and ability to articulate the nature and value of academic nursing practice.
  • Demonstrated skills in public policy related to access, quality and cost of health care.
  • Eligible for rank of Associate or Full Professor, preferred.