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Blackboard Style Sheet Subsection: Appendix R
Section - Appendices Originating Date: November 2006
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council
Revised: January 2008
Revised: December 2012
Related documents:

  1. General Information
  2. Navigation Buttons:
    • Announcements – (instructions)
    • Instructors – (instructions)
    • Course Information
      • Syllabus (single document)
      • Addendum (single document)
      • Schedules (one or more documents for each schedule such as Class, Clinical, Lab, etc.)
      • Tools/Forms (forms used throughout semester)
      • Recorded Class Videos (Optional)
    • Clinical Information – (Optional)
      • For clinical information used throughout the term.
    • Weekly Activities – Contains information specific to all activities of a given week such as:
      • Weekly learning objectives
      • Weekly handouts/resources
      • Links to external websites
    • Projects – Assignments that span multiple weeks and do not fit into specific weekly folders:
      • Presentations
      • Large projects
      • Portfolios
      • Papers
    • Exams/Quizzes – (Optional)
      • Exam information (one or more documents)
      • Self assessment exams
      • Tests/quizzes/surveys deployed via Blackboard test manager
    • Communication – (Optional)
      • Discussion forum(s),
      • Wikis, Blogs, Journals,
      • Email,
      • Web Conferencing,
      • Codian IP-video, etc.
    • Tools
      • My Grades
      • Course Evaluations
      • Other course tools provided by Blackboard
    • Library – (Optional)
      • Links directly to McGoogan Portal for Nursing
    • Technology Help
      • Links directly to Technology Support page