CON Procedures for Graduate and Professional Graduate Scholarship and Awards

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Procedures for Graduate and Professional Graduate Scholarship and Awards Subsection: Appendix Q
Section 5.0 - Appendices Originating Date: February 2006
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Professional Graduate Nursing Affairs Committee
PhD Affairs Council
Revised: April 2008
Revised: March 2013 (by FCC)
Revised: April 2015
Revised: May 2016
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  1. Students who wish to be considered for UNMC academic scholarships should complete the UNMC Scholarship Application found on their People Soft TO DO LIST by April 1 or within 45 days after acceptance to the CON. The application is completed only once upon admission to the CON. Some graduate scholarships may also require application through the Graduate Studies Office.
  2. Graduate students interested in graduate assistantships should apply by June 1 and October 1 to the College of Nursing Student Services. Interviews will be conducted by faculty with money designated for graduate assistantships after June 1 for the academic year and October 1 for spring semester.
  3. Graduate student scholarship funds are reviewed and awarded by the Professional Graduate Nursing Affairs Committee, and the PhD Affairs Council, annually prior to the fall semester. Occasionally, awards become available for allocation at other times during the academic year, and the Professional Graduate Nursing Affairs Committee and/or the PhD Affairs Council hold special meeting(s) to determine recipients of those awards.
  4. If applicants appear equally qualified for a scholarship, funds are awarded on the basis of academic excellence and to students who have demonstrated success in the Graduate Programs. Other considerations in the event of a tie, include, but are not limited to, full time status in the Graduate Program and service to the University. Students’ cumulative grade point averages are used to determine academic excellence.

    Some funds from the University of Nebraska Foundation are derived from monies designated for both undergraduate and graduate students. The graduate student portion of the funds is based upon the percentage of graduate students in the total CON student population.
  5. The funding source may stipulate scholarship criteria. When so stipulated, the College honors the donor’s preferences.
  6. If need is a criterion to receive a particular scholarship, scholarship funds are awarded on the basis of federally determined financial need as determined by student report on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Students who wish to be considered for need scholarships should complete the FAFSA before April 1 every year.
  7. Students who are awarded scholarships are informed in writing of:
    1. the criteria used
    2. the length of term and amount of the award
    3. the name and address of the donor or designee, to facilitate acknowledgment

The following is a timeline of procedures for administration of the graduate scholarships and awards:

Traineeship money (Fall) – Student Services will develop a list of applicants. Funds will be equally split amongst candidates who are furthest in their programs and/or are full-time students.

June - July
Graduate Scholarships – Student Services will determine those eligible to receive scholarships based on donor criteria and need. The formula includes: financial need, GPA, full or part time status, and specialty. Student must meet the following criteria: GPA >3.5. Funds will be split across graduate specialties and by those closer to graduating and having taken at least 6 graduate credits.

Who’s Who for December and May professional graduate students – The number is set by Who’s Who (portion of total) and known by the Student Services Office. The award criteria are: highest GPA, community service and leadership ability. Whether student meets the award criteria will be determined from input from an academic advisor. This award is given at convocation and is presented by the Professional Graduate Nursing Affairs Committee Chair or a committee member as designated by the Chair.

Procedures for selecting Who’s Who:

A list of graduates will be sent by the Student Services Office to the specialty coordinators for their recommendations. The results are sent back to the Student Services Office for tabulation. If the number exceeds the allotment of the Who’s Who, then the Student Services Office will send another email to the student’s academic advisor and ask for input. The input will be reviewed by the Professional Graduate Nursing Affairs Committee who will make the final selection of the candidates. The final candidate list will be submitted to Who’s Who. They will print the certificates and return them to the College.

The names of the Who’s Who candidates will be read by the Professional Graduate Nursing Affairs Committee Chair or their designee at convocation.

There may be new traineeship applicants to fund (See June).

Charlotte Burgess for May MSN graduates – A list of the highest GPA graduates is sent by Student Services Office to the CON Alumni President who will determine the number of award recipients. This award is given to all the 4.0 GPA or highest GPA graduates. This award is given out at convocation by the CON Alumni President.