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Course Enrollment Subsection: 5.1.7
Section 5.0 - Students Originating Date: May, 1982
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee;
Graduate Affairs Committee;
PhD Affairs Council;
Executive Council
Revised: October, 1994
Revised: November, 1998
Revised: February, 2008
Revised: September, 2011
LJT:2/08; 8/11
J:/RESOURCE MANUAL/Table of Contents College of Nursing Resource Manual


  1. The minimum enrollment for all courses is five students. Any exceptions to the minimum enrollment figures require s the approval of the appropriate Department Chair/Division Assistant Dean, the Program Director , and Associate Dean for Academic Programs .
  2. Individual faculty members or departments may not make independent decisions to close enrollments in undergraduate or graduate courses. When it appears that excess enrollment is developing, t he appropriate Department Chair/ Division Assistant Dean will communicate with the appropriate Program Director and Associate Dean Academic Programs.