CON Promotion and Tenure Committee Rules of the Faculty Organization

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Promotion and Tenure Committee Rules of the Faculty Organization Subsection: 4.1.1
Section 4.0 - Rules of the Faculty Organization Originating Date: September, 1979
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Promotion and Tenure Committee;

Faculty Coordinating Council;

General Faculty Organization
Revised: January, 1999
Revised: May, 2000
Revised: May, 2003
Revised: April, 2004
Revised: January, 2008
Revised: September, 2008 (via consent agenda)
Revised: May, 2010
Revised: April, 2011
Revised: November, 2011
Revised: February, 2013
J:/RESOURCE MANUAL/Table of Contents College of Nursing Resource Manual

1.        Purpose:

    The purpose of the Promotion and Tenure Committee is to:
    a.   Develop and recommend standards to be used in making all decisions on promotion (Academic and Clinical) and continuous appointment for the faculty of the College of Nursing. These standards must conform to those of the University of Nebraska Medical Center.
    b.   Review yearly the faculty being recommended for promotion (Academic and Clinical), continuous and emeritus faculty appointment. Make recommendations to the Dean based on established criteria.

2.        Functions:

    a.   Establish standards and criteria based on input from faculty for promotion (Academic and Clinical), continuous and emeritus faculty appointment.
    b.   Develop, implement and disseminate the procedures that College of Nursing faculty must follow to achieve promotion (Academic and Clinical), continuous and emeritus faculty appointment.
    c.   Review documentation and make written recommendations to the Dean according to identified time line.

3.        Membership:

    a.   Chairperson is elected by the committee members who will serve for the next academic year. Election of the chairperson shall occur before the end of the current academic year.
    b.   Committee composition:

The committee will be composed of seven (7) tenured faculty at the rank of associate professor or professor. At least three (3) will be at the rank of professor.

    c.   Process for selection:

A slate of candidates eligible for membership shall be developed from all faculty at the rank of associate professor and above and meet the tenure requirement for scheduled election. Department Chairs and Division Assistant Deans are not eligible for the slate. Faculty members shall be elected for staggered two-year terms at each election:

1.     Even Years:     3 faculty

2.     Odd Years:      4 faculty

4.        Guidelines:

    a.   Meetings are on call by the Chairperson.
    b.   If a committee member resigns, the Chairperson of the General Faculty Organization will appoint a replacement from the same faculty membership category.
    c.   All recommendations for standards and criteria are submitted to total faculty for approval.
    d.   The committee serves in an advisory relationship to the Dean.
    e.   All voting privileges will be extended to members of the committee for applications for promotion to the same or lesser rank and all applications for tenure. Voting on promotion and tenure applications may be done by secret written ballot.

Bylaws changed to Rules of the Faculty Organization - November 2011