Loan of Learning Resource Center and Computer Equipment

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Loan of Media/Computer Equipment Subsection: 6.2.1
Section 6.0 - Information Originating Date: December, 1972
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council
Revised: August, 1998
Revised: February, 2008
J:/RESOURCE MANUAL/Table of Contents College of Nursing Resource Manual

CON Loans

  1. College of Nursing faculty and staff will be given preference for the loan of any equipment that may be available.
  2. Media, simulation, and computer equipment may be taken off campus by College of Nursing faculty or staff for College of Nursing related activities.
  3. Nursing students, with appropriate permission may borrow equipment from the Learning Center for off campus use related to College of Nursing special projects or class assignments.
  4. College of Nursing equipment loaned off campus for more than 30 days must be done in accordance with UNMC policy No: 3000, General Accounting Policy.

UNMC Loans

  1. College of Nursing media, simulation, and computer equipment may be loaned to other UNMC faculty/staff and may be made available for use off campus.

Interagency Loans

  1. Cooperating agencies may borrow media, simulation, or computer equipment from the College of Nursing if it is not scheduled for use within the College of Nursing. Cooperating agencies include Nebraska Nurses' Association, nursing honor societies, and agencies which accept our students.
  2. Materials may be loaned for up to one week.
  3. The College reserves the right to recall materials if they are needed for student or faculty use.

Other Loans

  1. Media equipment may be used by outside agencies, organizations, groups, or individuals if they are meeting within the College of Nursing building.
  2. Media, simulation or computer equipment will not be loaned to non-University agencies or institutions for uses unrelated to University programs or activities unless authorized by the Assistant Dean of Informatics and Learning Technologies and the Division Assistant Deans.


Permission of the campus Learning Center Coordinator must be obtained for all LRC assigned media equipment. Permission of the Workstation Specialist must be obtained for all computer related equipment. Directors of other centers or projects should give permission for use of equipment assigned to their areas.

The Coordinator/Specialist checks to see that materials are not scheduled for use and arranges pickup/delivery

The individual borrowing equipment assumes full responsibility for the equipment including loss, damage, or theft and signs a form acknowledging this responsibility.

Upon return of the materials, the Coordinator of the Learning Center/Workstation Specialist is responsible for checking the items for needed repair or replacement, and arranging for any costs to be charged as appropriate.