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Evaluation of the Courses Subsection: 5.1.8
Section 5.0 - Student Policies Originating Date: January 1992
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee;
Professional Graduate Nursing Program Curriculum Committee;
PhD Affairs Council
Revised: October 1998
Revised: February 2008
Revised: March 2011
Reviewed: December 2012


  1. The purpose of evaluation of courses is to:
    1. Provide students an opportunity to give anonymous feedback on what they considered to be strengths and areas for improvement of individual courses.
    2. Provide means for student input to be included in the evaluation of courses and in the summative and formative evaluation of curriculum.
    3. Provide faculty with evaluative data for potential course revision.


  1. All students have an opportunity to evaluate each course in which they are enrolled.
  2. Results of summative course evaluation will be provided to faculty, upon completion of course grades.
  3. Course evaluation results will also be sent to the appropriate department chair or division assistant dean, to the appropriate program director, to the Associate Dean for Academic Programs, and to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee or Graduate Affairs Committee or PhD Affairs Council .

General Procedure

J:/Policy/Guidelines-Instructions/UNMC Eval system.