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Director, CON Learning Resource Center Position Description (Omaha) Subsection: 3.2.15
Section 3.0 - Position Descriptions Originating Date: September 2009
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council

General Position Description

The Director of the CON Learning Resource Center (LRC) in Omaha provides vision and leadership in the CON for the use of learning technologies in the teaching mission. She/he oversees an active, multimedia learning environment for nursing education in Omaha and plays a leadership role with LRC personnel on other Divisions in supporting the vision throughout the CON. She/he facilitates the alignment of students’ skill acquisition with learning objectives and program outcomes. She/he reports to the Associate Dean for Academic Programs.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Works collaboratively with CON faculty and staff at all Divisions to develop innovative and effective use of technology in advancing educational initiatives.
  • Plans for the achievement of CON strategic goals related to learning technologies.
  • Coordinates with and assists CON faculty (and other University faculty/staff as needed) in the preparation of simulation to support nursing and inter-professional education.
  • Participates in assessing future needs and selection of learning technology equipment.
  • Coordinates and delegates as appropriate technology installation and maintenance with IT.
  • Establishes inter- and intra-organizational partnerships for advancing nursing and interprofessional health education through technology.
  • Promotes opportunities for educational research related to e-learning, simulation, and related technologies.
  • Supervises and assigns the work of other LRC personnel including graduate assistants.
  • Schedules and conducts (or delegates as appropriate) tours of the LRC for appropriate visitors.


  • Minimum of a Master’s degree in nursing.
  • Experience with simulation and other multimedia learning activities.

Preferred Qualifications

  • PhD in nursing and experience using multimedia to achieve learner outcomes.