CON Evaluation of Professional Graduate Student Progression to Graduation

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Evaluation of Professional Graduate Student Progression to Graduation Subsection: 5.3.11
Section 5.0 - Student Policies Originating Date: May 1982
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Professional Graduate Nursing Affairs Committee

Final Reviewing Agency:
Graduate Faculty Organization
Revised: December 1987
Revised: January 1999
Revised: April 2008
Reviewed: January 2011
Revised: July 2012
Revised: February 2013
Revised: April 2014
Revised: April 2016
Revised: May 2016
Revised: October 2016


  1. Students are expected to perform at a B or above for all graduate level courses.
  2. A grade of lower than a B may be acceptable for graduate level courses, but a receipt of two C’s may be cause for dismissal. Recommendation from specialty faculty as outlined in the procedure is required.
  3. Any grade below a C is not acceptable for graduate credit.
  4. A student whose overall GPA is below 3.0 will be placed on academic probation and have two semesters to meet the 3.0 GPA criteria.
  5. A student’s progress will be reviewed each semester by his/her faculty advisor, and academic concerns will be submitted each semester to the Professional Graduate Nursing Affairs Committee.
  6. The MSN, Post MSN DNP, and Post MSN Certificate programs must be completed within 5 consecutive calendar years. BSN to DNP program must be completed within 7 consecutive calendar years.
  7. All students must apply for candidacy one semester before filing for graduation.
  8. The following criteria for candidacy have been established by the Professional Graduate Nursing Affairs Committee:
    1. Completion of one year of graduate study or its equivalent
    2. Grade Point Average of 3.0 or above
    3. Full graduate standing
    4. Completion of one course in their nursing specialty area
    5. All deficiencies removed
  9. No less than 50% of the course work must be completed at the University of Nebraska campuses after being formally admitted to UNMC College of Nursing. Appropriate courses may be taken within other departments of the University of Nebraska under guidance of the specialty coordinator or advisor.


  1. Student Services will run a query each semester to identify students with semester course grades below 3.0 and overall GPAs below 3.0. Faculty advisors will be notified.
  2. If the above situation occurs or a grade of C is received in a course, the faculty advisor in conjunction with the specialty coordinator and specialty faculty will recommend to the Professional Graduate Nursing Affairs Committee the progression of the student, with rationale, to 1) continue in the program; 2) repeat the course: 3) dismiss the student.
  3. If the student has an overall GPA below 3.0 a plan for self or directed remediation must be included and a letter from the Associate Dean of Academic Programs will be sent to the student.