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Associate Dean for Transformational Practice and Partnerships Position Description Subsection: 3.2.3
Section 3.0 - Position Descriptions Originating Date: June 2012
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council

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Revised: October 2015
Revised: May 2024 (changes)

General Position Description

The Associate Dean for Transformational Practice and Partnerships is the Senior Practice and Partnerships Officer for the College of Nursing and has responsibility for visionary leadership of the College’s full portfolio of practice, engagement, and academic/practice partnership programs at local, state, national, and global levels. These programs encompass the Morehead Center for Nursing Practice and the Global Health Program Office in the College of Nursing. This individual facilitates the planning, administration, evaluation, and continuous improvement of transformational faculty practice, community partnership, and international programs in the College by working collaboratively with the directors of each program. S/he serves as a liaison with community engagement and collaborative programs as they develop. S/he seeks, develops, implements, and evaluates internal and external partnerships related to practice, including funding sponsors, directed toward the College’s achievement of its faculty practice, community engagement, and global strategic plans. The individual is accountable for planning innovative, future-oriented practice and community engagement programs; oversight in meeting clinical accreditation and credentialing standards; effective grantsmanship for clinical and health services scholarship and demonstration grant support; and effective collaboration with faculty and staff in the practice, community engagement, and global missions.

The Associate Dean for Transformational Practice and Partnerships is appointed by the Dean and serves at the Dean’s request. S/he also collaborates with the Dean, the College’s other leaders, faculty, and inter-professional colleagues in accomplishing the College’s practice, engagement, and global missions and moving the College toward its strategic and long-range goals. S/he is the College’s liaison with Nebraska Medicine and other practice partners to advance and synergize practice priorities and to establish partnerships with clinical practice colleagues across disciplines. He/she also serves on the UNMC clinical affairs committees and in inter-professional practice and partnership initiatives.

The Associate Dean for Transformational Practice and Partnerships collaborates with other members of the Executive Council, and s/he works closely with appropriate college committees, the Morehead Center for Nursing Practice, and the Global Health Programs office. S/he works closely with the Associate Dean for Academic Programs and the Associate Dean for Research to creatively design, implement, and evaluate transformational practice, partnerships, and global programs that integrate and support the College’s academic and research missions in the practice environment. S/he appoints with dean approval, supervises, and facilitates the work of the Directors of the offices for practice and global programs. The Director of the Morehead Center for Nursing Practice and the Director of Global Health Programs report to and are accountable for successful outcomes of their positions to the Associate Dean for Transformational Practice and Partnerships.

FTE Allocations for the Associate Dean Role

Administration .50 FTE

  • Ability to negotiate based on the needs of the college and the expectations of the Associate Dean.


  • Ability to negotiate based on the needs of the college and expectations for the Associate Dean.


  • Ability to negotiate based on the needs of the college and the expectations for the Associate Dean.


  • Ability to negotiate based on the needs of the college and the expectations for the Associate Dean.

Transformational Practice

  • Ability to negotiate based on the needs of the college.


  • Provide leadership in creating an environment where faculty, staff and students can thrive in achieving their practice and partnership goals.
  • Maintain consistent, responsive, and frequent communication regarding practice and partnerships within the College, UNMC, and other clinical entities.
  • Work in concert with the Dean, CNOs, and practice partners to create a culture of trust, collaboration, accountability, and excellence.
  • Provide oversight of the College Strategic Plan regarding practice and partnership goals and coordinate, execute, and evaluate those goals developed by the College.
  • Promote interprofessional, innovative, and creative ideas in practice and partnerships.
  • Maintain currency in practice through professional development.


  • Provide input for clinical and simulation courses taught in all programs in the college to assure alignment with clinical practice.
  • Coordinate with assistant deans, academic prgram directors and associate deans for academic programs to communicate concerns from CNOs and clinical partners.


  • Coordinate the orientation of new practice faculty across different clinical partners.
  • Work with assistant deans to assign mentors for new practice faculty and provide campus-specific orientation.
  • Ensure clinical practice adherence to all UNMC and CON clinical practice policies.
  • Support and facilitate practice faculty career development and scholarly activity.
  • Mentor faculty in practice, and related scholarly activities.
  • Counsel practice faculty toward promotion and/or tenure in collaboration with assistant deans (Refer to Appendix A3)
  • Provide oversight to faculty in identifying appropriate clinical sites to meet educational standards and objectives and make the most judicious use of these sites.
  • Lead the Morehead Center for Nursing Practice and facilitate contractual agreements for faculty practice, ensuring that practice arrangements are aligned with the mission and needs of the College and are budget positive.
  • Recruit practice faculty in collaboration with Dean and assistant deans to the college and make recommendations for appointing new faculty to the Dean.
  • Support retention and promotion through written documentation and write letters of recommendation for awards and nominations for practice faculty.
  • Provides input as appropriate to division deans on faculty evaluations with practice workload allocations holding practice faculty accountable for their responsibilities per the tripartite mission metrics. Provide a plan of action for metrics not met.


  • Make recommendations to the Dean regarding staff personnel needs.
  • Recruit, hire, supervise, develop, and evaluate staff in the Morehead Center for Nursing Practice and the Office of Global Health.
  • Facilitate a mentor for new staff orientation and role development.
  • Ensure staff adherence to all UNMC and CON policies.
  • Manage workflow and ensure collaboration across functional units as appropriate.
  • Assign appropriate staffing and functioning of the Morehead Center for Nursing Practice and the Office of Global Health.


  • Provides vision and leadership for excellence and innovation in practice and academic/community partnerships, community engagement, global initiatives, and innovative models of care delivery.
  • Maintains a program of research as appropriate given the scope of responsibilities.
  • Seeks and facilitates practice and partnership demonstration grants.
  • Work with the Associate Dean for Research to facilitate doctoral prepared faculty’s practice related scholarly programs.
  • Collaborate with the Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Associate Dean for Research to encourage faculty’s scholarly productivity in the clinical teaching and practice missions.

Community Partnerships/Service

  • Serve as liaisons with the local, state, national, and university practice community.
  • Be a practice ambassador of UNMC, the divisions, and the College.
  • Organize annual Community Advisory Board Meetings.
  • Establish and oversee clinical contracts and memoranda of understanding (MOU) with clinical partners.
  • Develops and applies measures of practice and partnership quality and quality improvement.
  • Sets standards for innovative, effective, and efficient practice and partnership initiatives.
  • Assures compliance with professional accreditation and regulatory bodies in practice partnerships agreements.
  • Leads and manages systems and policies that support practice and partnership program planning, implementation, evaluation, and continuous improvement.
  • Provides oversight of programs related to practice, community engagement, and global missions, such as faculty orientation, faculty development, faculty awards, and student volunteer practice opportunities.
  • Collaborates with inter-professional colleagues for the advancement of the University’s strategic plan for practice, community engagement, and global initiatives.

Other Duties

  • Collaborate with the Director of Administration and Operations quarterly to review the annual budget. Recommends budgets and other resources for meeting the practice, partnership, and global missions of the College.
  • Utilize resources judiciously for the good of the College.
  • Create an environment of financial stewardship among the faculty and staff.
  • Work closely with the Student Affairs and Academic Success Coordinators to maintain open communication and support regarding recruitment, inter-institutional coordination, and advisement of exchange students.
  • Ensure that faculty and staff are appropriately trained on equipment and technology in the Morehead Center for Nursing Practice and the Office of Global Health.
  • Prepare annual reports as requested by the College of Nursing and UNMC.
  • Represents the Dean at designated practice meetings and, as needed, at regional, national, and international professional meetings related to practice, partnerships, and global initiatives.
  • Assume other duties as assigned by the Dean.

Appointment Requirements

  • Holds a doctoral degree in nursing or a related field and a graduate degree with a major in nursing. PhD in nursing preferred.
  • Board certified nurse practitioner required.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in academic/clinical leadership role.
  • Possess experience and demonstrate skills in administration, interpersonal relations, teaching, and curriculum development, as well as demonstrated scholarly activity.
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities, including a participatory leadership style that fosters respect and collegiality; strong managerial skills; ability to think creatively, to take appropriate risks, and make timely decisions; openness to the ideas of others and to constructive feedback.
  • Proven leadership experience in clinical practice and development of new practice partnerships.
  • Able to motivate and build consensus among faculty and staff.
  • Effective communicator.
  • Creative problem solver.
  • Ability to navigate conflict resolution effectively.
  • Must be registered to practice nursing in Nebraska and demonstrate professional leadership activity in professional organizations.
  • Qualifications commensurate with appointment as Associate or Full Professor.
  • Terms of employment are in keeping with current University of Nebraska policy.
  • Eligible for UNMC graduate faculty status.