CON Clinical Nurse Coordinator (CNC) of Learning Resource Center (LRC) and Simulation

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Clinical Nurse Coordinator (CNC) of Learning Resource Center (LRC) and Simulation Subsection: 3.2.22
Section 3.0 - Position Descriptions Originating Date: November 2016
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council

General Position Description

The Clinical Nurse Coordinator (CNC), LRC and Simulation is the staff administrator for the Division LRC to which s/he is attached. The CNC ensures the enactment of the vision and strategic leadership for that division. In collaboration with other CNCs, s/he provides guidance to faculty and staff to ensure a common curriculum across the Divisions, and works with LRC staff to ensure timely management of LRC activities. The CNC provides clinical, technical and simulation expertise for faculty, staff and students as they enact the curricula for both graduate and undergraduate programs. S/he contributes to the planning, implementation, evaluation, and continuous improvement of the activities within the Division LRC.

Organizational Relationships

The Clinical Nurse Coordinator, LRC and Simulation reports both to the Division Assistant Dean, and the Director of the LRC. Other LRC staff (including GAs) within the Division report to the CNC, LRC and Simulation. The CNC collaborates with Division Assistant Deans, Semester and Course Coordinators within both graduate and undergraduate curricula to ensure adequate management of LRC activities within the specific division. S/he works closely with the Director of the LRC to facilitate efficient and coordinated planning and use of resources.

Responsibilities of the Position

  • Coordinates and assists, in collaboration with appropriate others, the planning and executing of CON and interprofessional simulation activities to support nursing and UNMC interprofessional education within the specific division.
  • Accountable for the programming, scheduling, set-up and tear down as well as ensuring appropriate equipment and supplies are available for all activities within the Division LRC.
  • Participates in the annual assessment of learning technology and simulation equipment needs across all divisions, and strategizes a prioritized list of equipment needs and desires for the specific division.
  • Coordinates and delegates as appropriate, installation, maintenance and ongoing assessment of technology that supports the activities and stewardship of the specific division.
  • Promotes and contributes to scholarship efforts within the CON related to e-learning, simulation and related technologies.
  • In collaboration with Assistant Deans, manages and evaluates LRC personnel in own Division (including Graduate Assistants).
  • Coordinates, and delegates as appropriate, internal and external requests for use of equipment, and other resources within the Division LRC. Collaborates with Director of the LRC to ensure procedures and processes are in place for meeting those requests.
  • Ensures requests for tours, camp activities and open houses can be met and do not interfere with the working of the Division LRC
  • Collects data and contributes as required to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the LRC activities, and contributes to annual and other reports to accrediting bodies.
  • Working collaboratively across the divisions, leads and contributes to faculty and staff development activities to accommodate emerging technologies and curricular pursuits.
  • Working collaboratively across divisions, ensures standardization of simulation processes and procedures in own division that meet or exceed INACSL standards.
  • Manages stewardship of resources through implementation of inventory control in own Division, and provides data for annual review and request for student fees.

Appointment Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in nursing, Master’s degree in nursing or related field preferred.
  • Active (or eligible for) Nebraska RN license.
  • Experience with educational and simulation technology, e.g. Sim capture systems, simulators, monitoring devices.
  • Hold, or be working towards Certified Healthcare Simulator Educator (CHSE) designation.
  • Evidence of contributions to academic scholarship preferred
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities, managerial skills, creativity, ability to make timely decisions, effective collaboration skills, and the ability to be open to the ideas of others and to constructive feedback