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  • Mail is delivered and picked up by UNMC Mail Services Department at approximately 8:30 AM and 2:00 PM daily. Please have any outgoing mail to the Dean’s office mail room no later than 1:30 PM.
  • The “Outgoing Mail” bin (lower middle section of mailbox unit) in the mail room is for Campus Mail, Stamped Mail, Federal Express shipments, Requisition Mail, Courier Mail, and “postage paid”.
  • The wire basket on the counter is for un-stamped outgoing first class mail. Please do not put anything in the wire basket if it already has its own mail slot.
  • If your floor has a large amount of outgoing un-stamped first class mail, please bundle it and write up a mail requisition. Place it in the outgoing mail bin. Small amounts of outgoing first class mail (1 - 5 pieces) can be put in the wire basket, to be bundled and mailed out with a requisition at the last pick up of the day.
  • If mail will not fit into its slot, place it on the counter, and use a “hang tag” inside the far right cabinet door to refer the mail carrier to the mail on the counter. All notes inside this cabinet door are used again - please do not throw them away.
  • If your floor’s mailbox has a hang tag, please take the mail/packages from the counter or floor (as designated on the hang tag) and return the hang tag to the inside of the far right cabinet door.
  • For Federal Express shipments, please use a Fed Ex envelope (or box), and fill out the Fed Ex section of the mail requisition. List the recipient’s phone number along with the name and address on the bottom portion of the requisition form. The address must be a street address as Fed Ex will not deliver to a PO Box. Place the envelope (or box) and requisition in the outgoing mail bin (or if too large, place it on the counter and use the hang tag to refer the mail carrier to the counter).
  • Final Fed Ex pickup is approximately 2PM from the CON building and approximately 4PM from UNMC Mail Services (north entrance of 4470 Farnam St – Annex 14). There are 2 locations on campus with a 6PM pickup: 1) outside the Doctor’s Building at 333 S 44th St; 2) inside University Tower at 600 S 42nd St on level 2, east of the patient elevators (near the endoscopy lab).
  • Mail for Norfolk, Lincoln, Kearney and Scottsbluff should be placed in their respective mail slots. This mail will be placed into a larger envelope to be sent at the last mail pick up of the day, so please use inter-campus mail envelopes, or envelopes that are not exceptionally larger than the information inside of them. The Lincoln envelope is sent via courier (and will arrive at UNL the next day, but may not reach the Lincoln College of Nursing for a few days), and the Norfolk, Kearney and Scottsbluff envelopes are sent first class.
  • For accurate, prompt delivery, use the appropriate format for addressing envelopes as approved by the US Postal Service.
  • When sending mail (especially when including business reply envelopes with your letter or mailing), please put your initials or name near the return address (and on the business reply/return envelope). This is important because mail can be returned to you specifically without first being opened to determine its ownership if/when it is returned (keep in mind that the College of Nursing is charged a fee for incorrect addresses); and address lists can be updated and kept current.
  • Mail being sent outside of the continental United States must have its own requisition and cannot be placed with the regular mail in the wire basket.
  • Various supplies to assist you with mail duty can be found in the top drawer (i.e. tape & rubber bands) and the right cabinet of the mail room (i.e. envelopes & padded envelopes).
  • Packages being sent UPS should be placed on the floor under the counter to be picked up by General Supply. Contact General Supply (559-5220) if you have an outgoing UPS shipment, because they only stop here if they have something to deliver. Delivery time varies, but is usually early afternoon.
  • Printer cartridges to be recycled should be marked “RECYCLE” and placed on the floor under the counter for General Supply to pick up.