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College of Nursing Resource Manual Introduction Subsection: 1.1
Section 1.0 - Introduction Originating Date: December 2008
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council
Revised: November 2013

Fac juliannsebastian w.jpg

Dear College of Nursing Faculty and Staff:

We have prepared this College of Nursing Resource Manual so that you might have basic information at your fingertips in order to succeed in your faculty career and promote your students’ learning. The Manual is designed to clarify organizational and relationship attributes, convey standard operating practices and facilitate the orientation of new faculty to the College.

This Manual includes: introductory documents; important institutional documents (e.g., College of Nursing Mission and Vision, Philosophy); organizational charts and position descriptions; Bylaws of the General Faculty Organization; faculty policies; student policies; and other procedural and informational documents labeled as appendices.

We recommend that you peruse the entire guide so that you will know how to use it as a resource throughout the coming year. The Manual is updated regularly, and is posted on the CON Wiki located at

Please note that this is not the same as the official Faculty Handbook compiled by the UNMC Faculty Senate, which sets forth the policies of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and delineates the rights and responsibilities of faculty. Nor does this document replace the other official documents authored by the University of Nebraska and UNMC. Please refer to Section 1.2 of this Handbook for a listing.

We hope that you will find the College of Nursing Resource Manual helpful in your work at UNMC College of Nursing, and welcome your suggestions for future editions.

Warm regards,


Juliann G. Sebastian, PhD, RN, FAAN
Dean and Professor
University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing