College of Medicine:Away Rotation Oversight Policy

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CST directors provide primary oversight of away rotations under the direction of the Phase 3 director and Associate Dean for Medical Education.

CST directors are to complete a COM Student Performance Evaluation in OASIS for each student participating in these experiences.

Students are required to complete a COM Course Feedback Form in OASIS regardless if one was requested by the outside institution. CST directors regularly review Course Feedback Forms to ensure that rotation requirements have been met and there are no concerns regarding an inappropriate learning environment; directors are charged with addressing issues with their department and/or representatives of the outside institution. Any concerns, remediation plans, and outcomes are to be reported to the Phase Director and Associate Dean for Medical Education.

CST coordinators are to provide historical feedback data to students considering away rotations at a given institution upon request.

Approved by the Curriculum Committee: May 25, 2021