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Welcome to the University of Nebraska Medical Center!

The University of Nebraska Medical Center is an internationally recognized academic health science center

committed to providing premier educational programs, innovative research, the highest quality patient care, and

outreach to underserved populations. We believe these goals are made attainable only through the efforts of

talented and dedicated employees who share that vision. As a result, our faculty and staff are considered our

most valuable resources, making fundamentally important contributions to the success of UNMC.

These Employee Guidelines were developed to outline the policies, programs and benefits available to our

faculty and staff. We believe that professional relationships are easier when all employees are aware of the

culture and values of the organization. These guidelines will help you better understand our mission, our vision

and our core values.

It is the mission of UNMC Human Resources to attract, develop, and support, within an environment that

embraces the inclusivity and diversity, the faculty and staff required for UNMC to prepare the best educated health

professionals and scientists, rank among the leading research centers, and advance the commitment to

community health.

UNMC expressly reserves the right to change, phase out, or discontinue any of the programs, services, rules,

procedures, and any other policy or regulation affecting employees.

Sarah A. Gloden Carlson, J.D.

Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director for Human Resources,

Chief Compliance Officer, University of Nebraska Medical Center