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Interlibrary Loan is a service for requesting articles and books that are not in the library’s collection and for requesting scans of items from the library’s print collection. Requests for these items are made online.

Services for UNMC Faculty, Staff, and Students

The interlibrary loan service is to be used for requests that are related to user's work, research, or education at UNMC. For leisure or popular titles or works not related to work at UNMC, users may contact their local public library.

There are no fees for UNMC faculty, staff, and students. Likewise, visiting students and faculty and students participating in a UNMC practicum or internship do not incur charges but may only request copies, not loans. Volunteer faculty and clinical instructors may also use this service for copies, not loans, as it relates to their work as preceptors of UNMC students.

For lost, damaged, or unreturned books, users will be charged for the full amount invoiced by the lending library plus a $15 processing charge. Items are declared lost at 30 days past the due date, then the user will be invoiced. Users with unpaid invoices will not be permitted to request interlibrary loan materials. Invoice payments are due within 30 days. If the book is returned before the invoice due date, the user will only be responsible for the $15 processing charge. After the invoice due date, users will be responsible for the full amount. No credits will be issued for books returned after the invoice due date. The library will also contact the UNMC Registrar to place a hold on student accounts. While accounts are on hold, students will be unable to:

  • Register for classes

Services for UNMC clinical partners

Employees and physicians with Nebraska Medicine and Children’s Hospital and Medical Center may utilize interlibrary loan services as it relates to their work. This service is funded through their respective institutions.

Other Groups

Other groups that can use interlibrary loan services include UNMC alumni and unaffiliated Nebraska professionals in need of health sciences-related materials.

Fees apply to these services: $20 for items in the library’s collection and $30 for items that the library must obtain from other libraries or sources. Books cannot be loaned or requested.

For other groups or requests outside of the scope of services, users can contact their public library interlibrary loan services for assistance.