CON Assistant Dean Supervisor Guidelines Working with Faculty Eligible for P and T

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Assistant Dean/Supervisor Guidelines Working with Faculty Eligible for P&T Subsection: Appendix A3
Section - Appendices Originating Date: November 2018
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Promotion & Tenure Committee
Executive Council
Revised: August 2020 (P&T Committee)
Revised: September 2020 (changes)
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Guidelines for Division Assistant Dean/Supervisors working with eligible faculty for P&T

  1. Assistant Deans/supervisors and faculty should collaborate to determine the two areas of emphasis for each faculty member planning to consider promotion and/or tenure. Yearly, faculty and Assistant Dean/Supervisor should review the P&T Guidelines for the College of Nursing that address areas of emphasis for teaching, scholarship (teaching, research, practice), and service/practice. Included in these guidelines are Examples of Activities related to each of the areas of emphasis organized into levels of expanding scope of accomplishments.
  2. The Assistant Dean/Supervisor has the responsibility to assist every new faculty appointee in determining the amount of emphasis (percent of effort) to place on each area of academic endeavor in accordance with Appointment of Faculty Responsibilities Section 4.3 of the Bylaws of the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska. This selection should be compatible with activities required to achieve the long-term goals of promotion with or without tenure.
  3. Faculty members should meet at least annually with their Division Assistant Dean/Supervisor to discuss expectations and accomplishments (teaching, scholarly activities, professional service/practice) for each area under review toward promotion and tenure.
  4. It would be expected that each faculty identifies a promotion goal, and if eligible tenure goal to be discussed at the annual evaluation. A summary of progress toward promotion with or without tenure across the years since last appointment be provided and reviewed with the Division Assistant Dean/supervisor on an annual basis.
  5. When possible, consistency in teaching assignments and practice sites is desirable. Teaching assignments and practice contracts should provide opportunities for faculty to stimulate innovation and to support evaluation for promotion and tenure.
  6. If a faculty member with a research focus also has an appointment that includes clinical practice, the practice site and/or patient population should support the focus of her/his research and/or scholarly projects and ideally be 1 day or less/week.
  7. Assistant Deans/Supervisors should encourage faculty to collect the required documents and carefully review the specific requirements for the preparation of a promotion and tenure application. These are listed on the CON website (
  8. The most important of the required documents are the Personal Narratives and your Curriculum Vitae. The Personal Narrative is where faculty members describe their accomplishments in the three areas of teaching, scholarly activity, and professional service when they are applying for promotion and/or tenure.
  9. It is recognized that not all faculty will fit unified or predefined stereotypes and that each candidate will come forward with a unique blend of activities supporting, in different areas and extents, the Mission of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the College of Nursing. It is a primary responsibility of the candidate, through his or her written narrative(s) and the Division Assistant Dean/Supervisors through his or her accompanying letter, to clearly describe the significance of the candidate’s contributions and define how he or she contributes in the chosen areas of emphasis to the Mission of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the College of Nursing.