CON Clinical Revenue Distribution Plan

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Clinical Revenue Distribution Plan Subsection: Appendix T
Section - Appendices Originating Date: December 2008
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Faculty Practice Committee
Executive Council
Revised: January 2015
Revised: March 2017
Revised: October 2018
Revised: January 2022 (changes)
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The purpose of the Clinical Revenue Distribution Plan is to support faculty who are providing direct clinical nursing services while advancing the mission of the College of Nursing (CON).


Contracts for direct clinical nursing services that are negotiated as part of a faculty member’s workload are administered by the CON, typically by the Morehead Center for Nursing Practice (MCNP).


  1. Upon initial employment, during annual evaluation, or whenever contemplating a new practice opportunity, faculty member meets with supervisor (division assistant dean) to discuss faculty practice and determine workload calculation.
  2. Faculty member meets with TPP Administrator to discuss practice details and negotiate contract.
  3. Practice revenue distribution is based on revenue exceeding expenses.
  4. Income distribution formula:

    Faculty Member 50%
    Faculty Practice Fund 10%
    Dept/Div 10%
    Morehead Center for Nsg. Practice 25%
    Dean’s Office 5%
    EXCEPTION: During the nonacademic year, 9 month faculty distribution
    Faculty Member 85%
    Morehead Center for Nsg. Practice 15%

  5. Faculty member may quarterly designate all or a portion of practice plan income to be placed in a professional development account for the faculty’s use.
  6. Faculty Practice Additional Compensation Agreement form is completed and signed.